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Fighting Sugar Cravings

We all have them! However, I didn't have sugar cravings until I started dieting a few years back. I'm talking like crazy sugar cravings, the kind you can't ignore. Too much sugar can be very detrimental to your health so it was important to squash these cravings. Today, I know that what most likely caused it was eating too many diet/low sugar/low fat items instead of real whole food. Now don't get me wrong I still love a good Diet Coke (I know harmful for me as well but sue me) but I have limited all else fake. I eat a lot more whole foods without fake ingredients including cutting fake sugar out of my coffee and now my sugar cravings are few and far between. I also found this article that has some good suggestions to rid your body of sugar cravings!!
Been super busy but I very much miss my blog so you'll be seeing me back sharing thoughts more often :)

katie lynn
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