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Gift Guide/Black Friday 2021

Happy Holidays!! Today I'm sharing a few easy gift guides and almost everything is on sale for Black Friday! WOMEN
KIDS All of these items are under $40!
FAMILY This category can be good for in laws/parents, aunts, uncles, everyone!
SPLURGE These items are higher price points than my other categories but they're all tried and true items I love!

Nordstrom Sale 2021

It's that time of the year again! The Nordstrom Sale kicks off tomorrow for Icon card holders! Ambassadors can shop the 14th, Influencers can shop the 16th, and everyone can shop on the 28th. The levels are based on what you've spent in the past as a card holder.

I always enjoy sharing during this time because you can get some great deals on really nice, new items for fall for the entire family. I have it all organized by category and I've linked my favorites.





Target Spring Finds & Designer Dupes

I am so ready for spring and Target has some awesome spring items right now. Most of them are similar to popular and more expensive items too! I'm sharing all of the new Target finds below and comparing some of them to the more expensive option.


I have been looking for a dupe to these for awhile and I LOVE the Target ones. Fit is TTS and they're comfy.


These are not totally identical but have the same vibe and I loved them as soon as I saw them. I did go a half size up in these (always do with slides).


I have the Steve Maddens and love them and the Target pair is almost identical. I would personally go up a half size in both.


I love what Bottega has been putting out lately and I think they're setting a lot of trends. I picked up these sandals because they look so similar to the $700 pair. I went a half size up again.


I actually would love to own this real purse but for now the Target one with the same vibe will do! Comes in cute spring colors too!


I have the Steve Madden pair of these too but actually like the sole better on the Target pair! I would go TTS on both probably.


Obsessed with everything they have out right now!


Interior Design Board with PowerPoint

I've been antsy to decorate our new house but can't yet since we aren't moved in. So in order to get an idea of what I'm looking for, I made mood boards using PowerPoint! Which is much cheaper to use than other programs but not directly made for this type of work. So today I'm sharing how I made it work for me!

1- Start off with a blank slide and save or copy photos you like. Sometimes I have to screen shot because I can't copy or save the photo. If you're going to use the photos anywhere publicly you'll probably have to link where they are from or note they aren't yours. To screen shot a specific thing (not just the entire screen on a mac) use command+shift+4. Or you can crop the screenshot in PowerPoint.

2- I try to find items with plain white backgrounds because you can easily get rid of the background and lay the board out nicely. On a Mac, you hit "picture format"- then the side arrow on the "color" icon- and then "set transparent color" and tab the white back ground. Most of the time if it's a solid background, it should leave the object as the focal point. I'm sure it's the same on a PC but the icons may be laid out differently.

3- Next you'll want to lay out your design and then use the "bring to the front" and "send to the back" tools to get like your couch in front of the rug, etc. You can also use the flip tool (on the far right here) to mirror objects if they aren't facing the right way.

4- Get to designing!! I'm sharing a few of my boards below. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple and you can get really creative! You can add paint back grounds, wallpaper, put labels on each slide, etc. I even used paint to change the color of chair legs in one slide (not my best work lol) but it works. I'm obsessed!

Boards are my own- but items on the boards are not my pictures.


Items to Motivate You

A new year brings new motivation! I also love finding fun items that help with that. So today I'm linking some of my favorite items for motivation. Whether it's nice pens and a good planner or new workout clothes, I've listed it all! Linking Lululemon that is on sale and Aerie!

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