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Old Navy Try On

I have a few favorite, affordable stores and Old Navy is one of them!! They've been having some pretty good sales lately so I stopped in and did a little try on for ya'll! I'm also tagging some of my other favorite items at the bottom. Enjoy!

Same top, so many good colors! TTS

Love a good henley, size up

I'm obsessed with this dress and would probably wear it with tall brown boots, TTS

Such a cozy sweater!! Size down

Some other fun picks below


Fall Transition Outfit Ideas

It's finally fall and the weather here in the Southwest is 100% unpredictable. Last week felt like winter and today it's close to 70. So, I wanted to share some fun fall transition pieces for those of you still in this bipolar weather. Some of these are old pieces, and some I found in my sisters closet (thanks Jessica!). Most of the items I've tagged here are on sale too!
Love, love these dresses from Old Navy

Switching it up with a jean vest or a jacket works too!

Comfy outfits are my favorite and this top is light weight

Dresses and boots are a great way to mix warm weather and fall

My all time favorite summer to fall piece is a sleeveless sweater!!

Clearly, Leo wanted to be featured as well.. Happy fall!!


First Year Mom Lessons

I'm a little late (Mia's birthday was 9/18) but that's the first thing I learned as a mom.. I was often late before and now I'm often twice as late. Whoops.. At least I have a legit excuse now, right?

On a serious note, I remember being so scared to become a mom because I felt like I wouldn't know what I was doing. In the past year, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is that you'll figure it out and it truly is like an instinct. Yes, I have days where I question if I'm doing this whole thing right but I feel like we all do and that's okay.

Another thing I've learned is to ignore any mom shaming or worries of mom shaming. It's easy for people to voice their opinions on what's right and what's wrong but you just have to do what works for you. On the same note, I had to learn to go with the flow instead of planning everything out. I had lots of plans for Mia before she was born.. like making her baby food instead of buying, HAHA. I have no idea where I thought I would have the time for that, but it was a cool idea.

I also never listened when people told me how fast kids grow up. I always felt like that was just a small talk comment but it is no joke. I can't believe all of the milestones that happen in just one year of a child's life. Mia went from being so fragile and small to walking across the kitchen and it still blows my mind. Cherish all the moments! Sometimes I just want to take a million pictures of Mia but I have to remind myself to put the phone down and just live in the moment. I want to cherish every single stage she goes through.

For all of you new or future moms out there, I hope this alleviates some of your fears and gets you excited for all the wonderful things to come. At the end of the day, being a mom is the best thing you could ever imagine!

All photos by the wonderful, Maura Jane Photography

Fall Booties Under $40

Hi all!

Sadly, I've been so busy I haven't had much blogging time lately but I really enjoy it and would like to keep up with it as best as I can. Fall is here and it's my favorite season! It's full of holiday fun and family time. It's also a time to start gift shopping (which means saving money FOR gift shopping in the long run) and that means we're all on a budget. I love all the cute boots I've been seeing but I'm not loving a lot of the price tags! So I rounded up a few of my favorite fall booties under $40 from Target and Walmart! Walmart is stepping up their shoe game. Fun post, enjoy!

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