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Popular Beauty Items Review

Lately I've tried a few different popular beauty items and I wanted to share the products I loved and the ones I'm not so sure about.

Biossance Eye Cream
This is my favorite product that I've tried lately! I have crows feet (wrinkles around my eyes) and so I've been focused on a good eye care routine. I feel like after using this product for over a month, I can already see a difference in the softening lines around my eyes (no cream will ever take them completely away, don't be fooled!) Left picture was January and the right was July. No filters here so you can see the difference!

Biossance Retinol Serum
I was excited about this product, however, it is much too powerful for my sensitive skin. I used it once a day for a few days and ended up with a rash that then dried out my face. Retinol is powerful so I'm not surprised, I don't think this one is as strong as other products but if I use it again I will use it sparingly and probably with my moisturizer. It recommends twice daily use and I know my skin could not handle that!

Vitamin E Oil
I was very hesitant to try this because it's an oil (oil=breakouts). But vitamin E oil is so good for your skin! It reduces inflammation and can also help to anti age. I use this when my skin is feeling dry (once or twice a week) and I LOVE it. I usually put just a small dot in my palm and it will cover my whole face. Then I use my jade roller to rub it in. It makes my skin look and feel great and it doesn't break me out. I don't think I could use it daily but once or twice per week has really helped. The best priced vitamin E oil is at Target and that is the one I use.

Jade Roller
I wasn't sure about this hype either but I love my roller. I use it on my eyes or a breakout to reduce inflammation and it helps within hours. It really helps with a swollen pimple (gross but true). It's also relaxing, haha.

System Professional Hydrate Shampoo
This smells so good! At first I was concerned about this product because most shampoos with fragrance break me out but it didn't bother me and kept my hair smelling great and feeling super clean.

System Professional Color Care Conditioner
This was very moisturizing and I love that but I also think that when conditioners are too good, they make your hair greasier faster. Still would recommend, you'll just need to make sure to keep up with washes.

System Professional Volumize Mask
This leaves my hair feeling and smelling amazing and it doesn't hold it down. Most masks are too heavy for my fine hair but this one isn't. You only need it maybe once per week because it will also leave your hair greasy if used too frequently.

System Professional Dry Conditioner
This is the product that I never knew I needed. I use it daily on the base of my hair for a little extra shine. I wouldn't use it at the roots because it'll make your hair appear shiny (aka dirty). I will say that this whole system improved the look of my hair!

Tula Face Cleanser
I liked this and it's ingredients but I will stick to my Cetaphil. I think what throws me off is the price point and having to order a face wash. It worked just as well as my Cetaphil does. However, I do have a friend with sensitive skin that loves this cleanser!

Tula Gel Cream
I would order this product! It's a lightweight gel that gives you the exact amount of moisture you need. It didn't break me out and it rubs in right away. It's also a good moisturizer for men because it's not girlie smelling or a thick, oily moisturizer. (Ian used it once and liked it haha).

I was gifted the hair products and the Biossance products but the others I purchased on my own! All items are linked.

Getting Back on Track Post Vacation

I believe vacation is a time to enjoy yourself but not an excuse to fall off the wagon. I just went on two back to back trips, enjoyed food I loved, worked out a bit, but mostly, had a great time. I used to panic about vacation because I would either restrict too much or fall off the wagon completely. Not anymore, but it took some time learning good vacation habits. Here's how I make it easier on myself-
  • I packed my favorite Kombucha (linked here) on both trips and they come in cans now!! Kombucha is good for gut health and that’s important after eating foods that you may not eat on a regular basis. I also drank some Aloe juice when I got home.
  • I enjoyed myself on vacation but still watched portion control so I didn't feel crappy.
  • I drank as much water as possible! A lot of post vacation weight is water weight which comes off when you're home and regularly hydrated. Pack a water bottle so you don’t have an excuse. This trip- I also packed Nuun hydration tablets with vitamin C for a health boost, hydration boost, all the things.
  • I tried to sleep as much as possible and get organized quickly when I got home so I didn't feel so disheveled. The sleep thing may not happen until you're home. Usually, if I don't get some type of decent sleep as soon as I get home- I get sick.
  • Pack your regular vitamins. I always forget to take them on vacation but even if I get a few days in, that's better than none.
  • I always plan a workout for the day after I get home whether I want to work out or not because it kick starts me back into my routine.
  • Pack your own small snacks or breakfast bars. This depends on your trip plans but you don't have to eat out every single meal when on vacation. Saves money too.
  • Don't get on the scale post vacation! That will really give you the vacation blues because, like I said before, a lot of the weight is water weight. Give yourself a week or two before you get on the scale. I currently don't have one so that works, haha!
  • Enjoy yourself! I'm just not the person who works out daily on vacation and eats healthy, that will kick me off the wagon faster than if I enjoy myself. When I actually relax and enjoy myself on vacation then I'm usually ready to get home, eat healthier, and work out. I would say majority of people are the same way!
Sharing the two beautiful places I just visited below.
Cape Fair, Missouri

Vallecito Lake by Durango, Colorado

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