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Nordstrom Sale 2020 Round Up

I am so excited to share some of my favorite picks from the Nsale 2020! The preview went live today. If you are a Nordstrom card member you can shop the sale early. If you are a certain level of card member you can shop the sale at different dates. You can easily check your level and date in your account. If you are not a card member you can shop on August 19th. I love Nordstrom for their different price levels, selections, easy ALWAYS free shipping, and the best return policy. Some items in the sale are low priced and others are new releases so while they are still on sale, they are a little pricey. My favorite things from the sale are always the new boots. They're such good quality and last forever. See below for all of my picks from women to men to kids and home!







The Best Workout Clothes

Hi all!! I'm so excited for this post because it's a long time coming. Everything I am sharing, I have worn multiple times so that I was able to find what outfit works best for what type of workout. Everything is linked!

These shorts are my most recent find and they sell out all the time because they are that good and unique. They have a very comfortable, large waist band they have the best colors. The liner is a bikini shape so I would say these are better for anything low impact. They're also a great lounge short. I would size up and I would stalk the website for a restock haha. I've mentioned my love for this flowy top before and I have it in three colors now lol. It's like $14 when on sale and it goes on sale often. These are my favorite types of tanks for any and every workout. TTS. Shoes are more of a casual shoe and I talk about them more below. TTS.

First up in the leggings category we have my favorite Costco leggings. I can't link these but I don't care because everyone needs a pair. They sell them when it gets colder out and they are on the thicker side but they are hands down the best leggings I have ever owned and they're under $20. They don't ride up but they're not too tight and the side pocked it big enough for all the things. They are best for cooler weather running. I ran my first 10k race in the black pair. Last fall my coworkers and I all bought them in all the colors lol! I also love a good black loose tank to run in or a black bra tank like this one. Something with plenty of arm hole room so it doesn't rub under my arms while running. I'll usually wear a light weight jacket for the winter when running outside and I use the hand band and gloves linked. The gloves have touch screen fingers. Tank and leggings are true to size. Shoes and socks are classy. Linked my favorite running socks.

Next we have the cutest tie dye tank that is loose and good for just about anything and one of my favorite Target sports bras (I've had this one for years and it's my favorite to run in or do anything high impact. Linked one similar.) I also love these Lululemon Tracker Shorts because they're comfortable, the perfect length, and have a little pocket. I would suggest these for walks/hikes/lower impact/arm workouts just because I personally don't like doing anything too crazy in shorts. They will ride up, lol. They do have a bikini type liner and are not see through. I'm loving the Ultraboost shoes for high impact workouts! True to size. Tank and bra are true to size. If you are between sizes I would size up in the shorts.

Next up is another one of my favorite pairs of leggings. They're cute, around $20, and a little more light weight for summer. I like to run in these in warm weather and they do have pockets. I mostly won't run in anything without pockets. They're actually not see through but I wouldn't do a leg workout in these because I have a permanent fear of them being see through when bending over lol. This crop top is from Amazon and hits at just the right spot with high waisted leggings. This is a good top for a warm weather workout. These shoes (same as in the first photo) are more for easy workouts/walks. They're very comfortable but more of a loose fit. I maybe could have gone down a half size. Leggings and tank are true to size.

These shorts are actually the only type of short I like to run in because they have bike shorts underneath the loose part. They do not have pockets but they pair perfectly with a crop top. I would also do any other workout in these shorts except spin, too much flowy fabric for spin. This crop/sports bra is perfect for high impact workouts because it does not budge and is longer than most sports bras. Both items are TTS.

These bike shorts, however, are the only shorts I will wear to spin in. They have pockets and don't move when I'm spinning. They are a hint see through so I would wear a longer top and skip legs in these or any workout where you will be bending over. I bet other colors are not see through. TTS.

This outfit is perfect for summer runs. The top is Amazon and it has mesh in the back. I'm turning around weirdly so that you can see the cut out which I leave open or you can tie for a tighter fit. These leggings have mesh behind the knees and pockets. They are lighter weight which I love for summer runs. You can do any workout in this outfit because it's so comfortable and doesn't move even on the bike. Top is TTS and if you are between size in the leggings I would go down.

This top is another perfect mesh summer tank. I love the cute detail with a fun colored sports bra underneath. I like these Nike sports bras but they're not my top favorite, I mostly just like the colors. These leggings are another lighter pair with pockets and they're like $16 at Sam's Club. I like that they're a moto legging so you can dress them up too. Linked some similar ones as well. These sneakers are a new favorite to run in because of the strong support if you over pronate. I went up a half size. Everything else is TTS.

These leggings are the Aerie Play leggings which are another good, light weight pair with pockets. They honestly feel like you don't have pants on and it's great haha. I like these for any summer workout. TTS. Shoes are older but somewhat loose and more of a casual shoe. TTS. The tank is the same as in the first picture at the top.

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy workout clothing review! A cute workout outfit always gives me more motivation to get my sweat on!

Poshmark Tips and Tricks

Happy Thursday! I'm excited to share this post because I've been using Poshmark for a long time and love it. Now these tips are geared towards Poshmark because that is what I like to use, but really they can apply for any used item site. If you don't know what Poshmark is- I will give you a little run down here-

Poshmark is a site where you can sell your used items like clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. It is free to sign up but they do take a small portion of your sale. Honestly, that is fine with me because it's so easy to use and you can reach such a broad audience. I have both bought and sold on Poshmark and have never had a bad experience. You can easily upload and select your own price, offer bundle discounts, sales, etc. The seller doesn't have to pay shipping unless they choose to offer discount shipping (and lose some of their sale money). When someone purchases, Poshmark creates the label and you just print and drop it off at the post office. If you buy or sell a luxury item over $500- it will be sent to Poshmark for authentication. You can follow people, share other peoples items so they will share yours, and easily search for things too. Now here are my tips and tricks for buying and selling.

-DESIGNER ITEMS: I have actually purchased a few designer items from Poshmark but I did a ton of research first. Look up how to tell if something is fake and while that can be hard to tell online, some of these posts do have dead giveaways. I would also find something unique to ask the seller. For example if you see a bag and you know the real bag has the logo on both sides of the zipper but on this listing you can't see that- ask them for a picture. If it's sketchy, you'll be able to tell right away. Make sure you know the real designer item you are searching for very well, like every detail. If the price for a designer item looks too good to be true, it is. Unless there are damages. I also avoid items for sale that look "spamy". Think- blurry pictures, something that looks more like a website post instead of a person just trying to resell an item, if they have a lot of the same designer item, etc. Not to knock those people because they may be legit, but I would rather buy from a regular someone who just has a designer item that they don't want anymore. It feels more authentic to me. That's also why I prefer Poshmark over some of the larger designer centered sites. I've also saved a lot of money buy buying designer that is pre-loved.
-Look up information on your seller. Whenever I sell items I receive feedback and people are able to look that up. If there are too many bad ratings or comments, I won't buy from them.
-Is the seller honest? If I have an item with an issue I will list the issue and a picture. I would rather sell something for less than try to make more but my buyer is unhappy with the item. That sets you up for a bad rating.
-Ways to save money: a lot of sellers (like myself) will accept a lower price if you offer a reasonable one to them. You should also see if they offer bundle discounts if you like a few of their items. I don't ever like to send "low ball" offers because I think it is rude and probably not going to happen.
-Like the items you are interested in because often sellers will put an offer out to all the "likers" of the product.
-Find bloggers who use Poshmark. They always have tons of good items!

Bag, bracelet, and sold out shirt are all Poshmark!

-Make sure you are honest with what you are selling. Like I said before, the quickest way to a bad rating is to hide that something is wrong with your product.
-Package nicely and ship quickly because who doesn't like that?! One girl I like to buy from always packs her stuff so well and it makes me want to buy from her more. I once just threw an item in a box and sent it and got a lower rating for that.
-Respond quickly! Nothing is more irritating than really wanting something and asking a question and hearing back weeks later when I don't care anymore.
-Be reasonable with your items. Unless it's designer, I price things to sell. It is a used item and I really just want it to go quickly. You may really value something but your value may not match the actual value. Look around Poshmark for similar items to find the best price. I also think it's important to show how much you paid (that is an option when listing) because it shows the buyer how much they are saving by buying a pre-loved item.
-Reciprocate when people share your items. This can be time consuming, believe me I get it, but it helps you get a lot of followers in the end.
-Follow people and reshape your items often so that you can reach a broader audience. Also, you can join theme parties and meet new buyers there.

I hope this helps when you're shopping pre-loved! I love shopping for nice, pre-loved items because you can save a good amount of money. I've even received items that had tags on them! One mans trash is another mans treasure. But in this case, I don't think used is trash, it's just pre-loved with more life to live! This is also a good way to find sold out items. I highly recommend shopping this way or even in your local resale/thrift stores. If you want to follow along with my Poshmark, you can find me here: @klsschr
Happy Shopping!


Lululemon Sale

I had to share this because they NEVER usually have sales. Rounding up all my favorites below.

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