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Beating the Holiday Bloat

I'm pretty sure most of the weight gain we feel post holidays is from holding onto water weight and bloating. Either way, it's probably the only thing I dislike about the holidays!! Over the years I've gathered a few tricks to de-bloat quickly so I'll be sharing them with you just in time for 2018.

  • Have a hot cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a sip of apple cider vinegar every morning on an empty stomach. FYI, when I say a sip of apple cider vinegar, I mean a very small sip. This stuff can literally clean you out and trust me, you don't want that!
  • Drink lots of water! I aim to drink at least half of my body weight in ounces of water daily.
  • Hit the sauna daily. I LOVE the sauna because it helps me to sweat out toxins and I feel great after at least 10-15 minutes in there.
  • Use a belly wrap (not waist trainer) while you workout or sit in the sauna. A few years ago my friend Jenny suggested this Everlast wrap that basically helps you sweat out all the water weight in your mid section. I love it and I've linked it below!
  • Drink weightless tea daily. I've linked this tea below and it can be found just about anywhere. It's supposed to help you shed water weight and it also tastes pretty good.
  • Watch out for extra salt. If you keep eating heavily salty foods then you will have a much harder time losing that water weight.
  • Eat healthy and stick to your normal workout routine. There is no need to overdo the cardio post holidays and it'll get you into a bad binge/restrict cycle. I have always found that I quickly lose water weight if I stick to a normal routine instead of overdoing the workouts.
These tips are not only helpful to shed water weight but they're also good to practice with your normal routine. Hope this helps and here's to kicking your 2018 off to a good start!!



Mia's 3 Month and Postpartum/ED Update

I can't even believe Mia is three months already! It's crazy how fast time flies. I'll miss her being tiny but I love watching her become more interactive. She loves to babble and eat and we are lucky to still be breastfeeding. Lately, my favorite thing that she does is smile at me. It is the best feeling ever to see her smile at me when she wakes up every morning. We aren't following a set schedule but she has created her own schedule. She sleeps through the night most nights so I'll enjoy that before the dreaded four month sleep regression! I know that I love being her mom!!
As for my own update, I have a new appreciation for the human body. It's crazy to me just what the body can do from growing a human to being able to continue to feed her. I'm back in the gym and it's been rough let me tell you. I wish I would've had a super fit pregnancy and while I was active, I wasn't able to lift like I wanted to due to just being freaking tired and some back pain. Now I'm lifting again and the soreness is real. What I will say is that if you've somehow fallen off the wagon or haven't been working out for some reason, it's a lot easier to get back into it. Yes, I'm sore but I'm not starting from the bottom (muscle memory) and I'm more motivated than ever.
I ended up hitting a new low weight that I haven't seen since 2014. If you've been following me for awhile you know that, that year was the peak of my disordered eating. I remember being the weight I am now after binge eating and calling my mom crying because I was "huge". I was only a few pounds from my high school weight but at that time, that was huge to me. It made me think that I've come a long way and while I still have little hints of weight anxiety, I now know how to handle it. If you're in the peak of any type of disordered eating, just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was worried my weight anxiety would hit me hard postpartum and I've been able to control it by reminding myself that this body gave me Mia. Practicing self love instead of beating yourself down will help you and should be practiced daily! Right now I'm not as focused on weight as I am on gaining my strength back. I'm happy with this weight that I once saw as huge. I'm the happiest I've ever been with my body and I actually think it's because I've seen what it can do. Keep looking for that self love and that light at the end of the tunnel. If you have serious body dysmorphia, reach out to someone to help you. If you can change the way you see yourself then you can find happiness!

Target Gift Guide, Under $25

Hi all!

I decided my last gift guide would be a Target gift guide! Because who doesn't love Target. All of the items I either own or have gifted and everything is under $25, including these shoes above. I can go pretty crazy at Target so I tried to just pick a few good items. Enjoy!



Holiday Gift Guide, My Top Ten

My next highest voted for gift guide was my top ten picks. I've listed them below and can I just say I love Amazon fashion, they have the best prices! Also, I couldn't help myself and I already purchased the black slides, lol. They're pictured above and VERY comfy. Most items are well priced with a few splurges. Enjoy!

katie lynn

Fitness Lover's Gift Guide

I love a useful fitness gift so I wanted to share a gift guide for the fitness lover in your life! Or for yourself :) I have almost all of the items below and use them a ton. Happy gifting!

katie lynn
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