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My Favorite Books

Now is a good time to start a good book! I figured I would share some of my all time favorites.

1- Shut Up and Run by Robin Arzon. This book changed the game of running for me, it really motivated me. She has a ton of tips in there and training plans as well that I do use.
2- Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I am obsessed with this book. Rachel is just a regular woman who uses her lessons to teach others. This book honestly changed my life. I read this in like two days, haha.
3- The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This novel is a little dark but a really good story if you like mysteries.
4- Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I actually read this in middle school but have always been obsessed with it. It's very different and will really have you thinking.
5- My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Jodi is one of my favorite authors. This book is rather sad but also wonderful at the same time.
6- The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I love Dave and I love this self help money book. He has some awesome views on saving, living, etc.
7- Anything by Emily Griffin. I've read three of her books and loved them. Girl focused, love, drama, good endings. Couldn't put these down!

Happy Reading!

At Home Workouts

These have obviously been circulating all over the internet right now and I don't want to bore anyone with a video of me so I'm going to share a long list of workouts you can do from home so you can mix and match your own routine! First off some simple tips: a lot of household products can be used as weights think canned beans, kids, dog lol, etc. If your weight is light then just go up in your reps. If you have actual weights then great! Add them in. You can also do a Target or Walmart drive up and pick up a pair of weights with your groceries if you don't want to go in store. This is a great time to workout because it is a major mood booster!

I find this part of my body the most difficult to workout from home. Push ups are going to be your main workout here because they workout the entire upper body AND core.
-Push ups, these can vary from wide arm, normal push ups, tricep push ups (make a triangle with your hands)
-Push ups on the couch so your body is at a tilt
-Push ups with your feet on the couch (body in an opposite tilt)
-Baby or dog curls (don't knock it till you try it lol they're heavy)
-Tricep dips off the couch
-Pull ups if you have something safe to do this off of
-Overhead tricep extensions with any item you can safely lift over your head for some type of weight
-Front shoulder raises or lateral raises holding something even if it's small if you do enough reps you'll get a good burn in your shoulders
-This one is tricky but good: do a handstand with your feet lightly against the wall and try to do basically an upside down shoulder press

-Crunches for the win, just google proper posture so you don't mess up your neck or back
-Sit ups
-Russian Twists
-Leg lifts
-Planks for daysssss
-Stand up straight and lift your right knee to touch your right elbow and alternate, do a lot of these but they're good for balance and obliques
-Crunches where you take your right elbow to your left knee and alternate
-Side plank
-Plank and tilt your hips from side to side, this burns good

For me if you're going to do legs without weight you want to do high rep and plyometric stuff to keep your body moving. If you have a resistance band add that in here too where you can.
-Jump lunges
-Lunges all over your house
-Jump squats
-Squat down and just pulse in place for awhile
-Sumo squat down and pulse in place again
-Calf raises
-Get on all fours and lift your leg straight behind you keeping your hip down and legs tight, each rep is a leg lift upwards
-Do the same thing but to the side
-Single leg squats, put your other leg out in front of you
-Stand on one leg and put your other leg straight out behind you and tilt your entire body forward (may have to google this one), it helps with balance and burns your hamstrings
-Glute bridges and always hold at the top
-Step ups on anything
-Face away from your couch, put a leg up on the couch and have it bent at the knee then squat with the one leg on the floor (these may have a professional name haha but I can't remember it) alternate both sides

-Get outside!! If it's nice weather this is a huge mood boost. Run, walk, jog, bike ride, anything.
-Mountain climbers
-Jumping jacks
-High knees
-Butt kickers
-Dare I say it, burpees!
-Chase your kid around your house (it'll tire you both out, win-win)

In all seriousness, right now moving your body is important. It gets the endorphins going and will keep spirits a bit higher. Even just walking for 30 minutes a day is good for your soul! It's also not terrible to have to switch up your routine because sometimes your body needs a change or it'll plateau. I hope this helps while we are all stuck at home! Message me with questions or how to pair all of this together.

Outside enjoying the weather with Mia and Leo in tow!


Surprise Nordstrom Sale

I've been trying to keep things lighthearted as I can with all that is going on. I happened to see this week that Nordstrom was having a sale on a lot of my favorite items so I figured I would share! A very good sale on a lot of staple items.

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