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7 Months Postpartum Fitness Routine

Hi all! Gosh, working and being a mom is no joke! I've been so busy with normal day to day life and on top of that I'm working on a few exciting new things, but man does it make for a busy schedule. I can't believe Mia is already 7 months old and I'm 7 months postpartum. I'm trying my best to keep up a good fitness routine and I've been aiming for 6 days of workouts but probably getting about 4 per week. This is what my weekly workouts look like:

-Two days of 30 minutes of cardio consisting of whatever I feel like doing, cycling, running, maybe the stair master (hate that thing). I'm only doing cardio because it just feels good to me lately, getting a good sweat in and getting my heart rate up.

-Two days (aiming for four) of weights. I would like to be doing two days of arms and two days of legs but it's been about one per week. I'm slowly working on building my lifting weight back up but I'm doing a lot plyo work to try and get my core strength back. I'm using a lot of bands, the bosu ball for balance (think core), hanging leg lifts, etc. My arm days are just general upper body and my leg days are either quad and glute focused or hamstring and glute focused. Let me know if you ever want to see examples of my lifting days!

-I'm also using the sauna as much as I can (but only once per day) because it feels so refreshing and I like to use the warmth to get a good stretch in.

-I'm packing my meals almost all the time for work and I'm eating a relaxed diet, mostly healthy foods with the occasional treat. I'm trying to find other ways to get my protein because my tastes are completely different after the baby and I'm still not into lean meats. Also, post baby and my body HATES sweets so it's been good to be able to cut that out just because I'm not enjoying them. Sugar wreaks havoc on my body! I'm also trying to drink at least 72 ounces of water per day.

-The last part of my fitness routine that I think a lot of people don't think about, is I'm trying to get adequate sleep! Mia still wakes up from time to time at night for a few minutes but for the most part I'm getting to bed early to try and get as much sleep as possible. Sleepless nights don't help with any kind of fitness schedule.

My goals over the next few months are to continue to up my lifting weight and my endurance! By the time Mia is 10 months, I can take her to the gym and then hopefully start hitting those six day per week workouts. I don't have any set weight goals, just want to be healthy and feel my best!

Miss Mia Karson

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