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Everyday Accessories Under $50

Nordstrom is having another amazing sale (they've had so many good sales) and they have a bunch of my favorite accessories for less. These are like Nordstrom Rack prices. I have similar items to these for everyday use. They even have Stoney Clover Lane bags on sale which I'm obsessed with. Details all below :)


WFH Tips for Success

I will say I am not a huge fan of working from home, but I am glad to be working during this time. I also don't miss my commute, lol. I've been finding ways to make the best of working from home and I'm sharing them here! I'm also sharing our extra room and how I set it up to be multifunctional.

Hard to see, but I have twinkle lights set up around the mirror for added decor that I love
1- Have a good, organized set up. Sometimes I move around the house but I keep everything I need nearby and I try to keep my area neat. If I give myself a good workspace I am a lot more productive. This is also why I try to keep a desk somewhere in my house because it gives you an area to get stuff done. The guest room is also the office and workout room. The "office" is also for my blog :)

This clothes rack is under $40!
2- Take breaks! Sounds funny but if you think about it- when you're at work you are up and going to meetings, etc. At home everything is virtual so you're just glued to your computer. It's good to get up and move around, get some fresh air, a snack etc. so you don't get engulfed with work. If I don't take breaks from my computer I usually get less productive in the afternoon and don't feel good when I'm done working.

3- Schedule your day. Sounds silly but when I'm at home I sometimes don't schedule my day (no time constraints) and it messes me up. This can be challenging if you have kids but try your best to stick to a schedule and still have a game plan to get your work done. If I don't start the work day with a list of things to do I'm kind of all over the place and feel unaccomplished. If I make a list with three things to do and finish one before I move on to the next, then I can see what I accomplished and I feel much more productive. (there is a name to this method but I don't know it and the number three is key) I often do this on the weekends for my blog.

I LOVE office accessories- I believe they make me more productive
4- Still socialize. I am an extrovert which is why I like going to work. Even if I have a busy day, I am still interacting with adults. Don't forget to check on your friends at work from time to time so you don't miss out on that interaction. It's a BIG help. It's another tip that may be forgotten about when you're working at home.

5- If your work is done, leave your work "at work". We all have those days where we have to work a little extra to meet deadlines but usually when we leave work, we can leave it there. At home, work is so readily available that it's easy to work overtime because you can. As much as I enjoy work, I know there is a work/life balance that is needed for my mental health. (Forever working on this one).

I am also sharing some of my favorite items below to use while working from home! I absolutely
love still using a planner even when I'm home because it feels much more like my normal routine. I also like to keep my desk space organized and have a cute set up. This space is all about being productive! I use it for my blog/work/working out/etc. Linking my clothes rack as well. I hope this helps! We've got this until we go back to work! Below you'll find some of my decor/favorite pens/water bottle/coffee mug/all things that make me productive!

Hello also workout room lol (luckily this room is a good size)
If you live somewhere with Pompus grass, you can just cut them towards the fall and hair spray them and boom! You have decor forever.
Candles and greenery are key for pretty decor details
Fun fact: Mob movies are my absolute FAVORITE movies also this couch is a futon so guests have a place to sleep!


Spring Sephora Sale 2020

Happy Monday! The Sephora sale is here and it's a good one. All you have to do is sign up to be a Beauty Insider (it's free)! You'll get 10% off everything starting April 23rd with code SPRINGSAVE.
If you are already an insider and you're at VIB level (have spent $350 in one year) then you will get 15% off everything starting April 21st (tomorrow!!) with the same code. If you are at the Rouge level (have spent $1,000 in a year, some people do haha) then you'll get 20% off with the same code and that started on April 17th. I am linking my all time favorite Sephora products below and I have plenty of beauty content on my Instagram. Happy Spring Saving!


Nordstrom Work Wear Sale

I love dressing for work and I can't wait until I can do that again! Right now Nordstrom is having a good sale on workwear so I am sharing some of my favorites below. Everything is under $40! Sale ends tomorrow at 9 am.


Local Albuquerque Businesses


  • Amore- local pizza, Old Town Area, open for takeout or delivery on Door Dash
  • Casa de Benavidez- North Valley, traditional New Mexican food with my favorite Red Chile, open for takeout
  • Central Grill- variety of things on this menu, off of Central Old Town area, also has coffee, open for takeout or delivery on Door Dash
  • Cheba Hut- Nob Hill and Westside locations, awesome sandwiches, delivery through Door Dash
  • Christy Mae's- American food, love this place, Heights area, open for takeout or Door Dash, they are giving 50% of their proceeds right now to their employees
  • Cocina Azul- really good enchiladas here, three locations all along I-25, open for takeout or delivery with Grub Hub
  • Dia de los Takos- food truck that looks to be by Marble downtown, open for takeout
  • Dion's- locations all over ABQ, the best Pizza, duh, you can now get it delivered on their website
  • Farmhouse 21- boxed lunches to go, Journal Center area
  • Fuddruckers- Burgers and American food, they have their food trailer open and traveling all over town for pick up you can find out where they are on their Facebook, I believe the restaurants are open for takeout there are three on the East Side
  • Gobble This- haven't eaten here and they do have very select hours, Old Town area, it says small bites and is open for takeout but check the open times
  • Gyros- Greek food, open for takeout and delivery on Door Dash, Nob Hill area
  • Horse and Angel- Eubank/Juan Tabo, Bar type food like wings and nachos, open for takeout
  • Joe's Pasta House- I LOVE this place the owner is always there and it's very quaint, awesome pasta dishes and other Italian dishes in Rio Rancho, open for takeout
  • La Reforma- San Mateo/Alameda, wonderful Tacos and it's a brewery too, open for takeout or delivery on Grub Hub
  • Last Call- Riverside Plaza, awesome Baja style food with the best burritos and fries you'll ever eat, #1 pick for drinking food haha, open for takeout or on Door Dash
  • Lindo Mexico- Central/Louisiana area, one of my FAVORITE traditional Mexican food restaurants, open for takeout
  • Los Cuates- New Mexican restaurant with three locations heights, Nob Hill, Westside, open for takeout or delivery with Door Dash
  • Luigi's- North Valley, Italian food with the best green chile chicken lasagna, open for takeout, my parents picked up from here and the owner was the one in there working and making the food alone
  • Mac's Steak in the Rough- Rio Rancho and Menaul, delivery on Door Dash
  • Marisco's La Playa- on San Mateo, bomb traditional Mexican food open for takeout
  • Monte Vista- Nob Hill area, they are open after three for takeout, they do have food not just alcohol lol and their food is good, awesome green chile grilled cheese or green chile mac and cheese
  • M'Tucci's- another awesome Italian place with two locations (Rio Rancho and Riverside Plaza) they're open for takeout or delivery
  • Nick and Jimmy's- another big favorite of mine, it is by Pappadeaux, the owner is so sweet and always there, they have Greek food, New Mexican food, American good, everything is good, open for takeout
  • Ohana Hut- McMahon and Unser, their sushi nachos are my favorite nachos ever and they have good rolls, you can order through Door Dash, opens later in the day
  • O'Hare's Pub- the best restaurant in Rio Rancho in my opinion, it's an Irish pub but they have pasta and burgers too and all of it is yummy, open for takeout or delivery on Door Dash
  • Old Town Pizza- Old Town area and pizza lol, open for takeout and delivery on Grub Hub
  • Perico's- three locations, one in Nob Hill area, two on the Westside on the SW and NW sides, bomb tacos, delivery on Door Dash
  • Pop Fizz ABQ- I will be visiting them they have these amazing looking ice cream tacos, North Valley drive thru is open
  • Rosemary- it says American food I have not had this, located on San Mateo open for takeout or delivery on Grub Hub
  • The Range- New Mexican food and sandwiches and such, Open for takeout, locations all over and I believe they are all open, Bernalillo as well
  • Sadie's- Academy location and North Valley location, another good New Mexican options with delivery or takeout
  • Scarpas- they have the best salads and pizza and are open for takeout, one on Academy and one on Eubank
  • The Shop- open for breakfast or lunch takeout, Nob Hill area
  • Squeezed Juice Bar- three locations Rio Rancho, NE Heights, and Nob hill, open for takeout or delivery over $20 just call
  • St. James Tea Room- their whole menu is available to go, North Valley, I believe it's Irish type food?
  • Twisters- they have wonderful breakfast burritos and New Mexican food, delivery on Door Dash, locations all over
  • Two Boys Donuts- Paseo/San Pedro area, one of the few donut shops still open for takeout
  • Wine Dive- Osuna/San Mateo area, order takeout like charcuterie and cheese boards, also available for delivery
  • Vic's Daily Cafe- on Osuna in the North Valley they have the best chicken fried steak and a hometown vibe, open for takeout or delivery on Door Dash
  • Viet Taste- Vietnamese, Menaul and Valencia, open for takeout
  • Village Pizza- awesome local pizza, the Corrales one is open for takeout also delivery on Door Dash
  • Vinaigrette: the best salads, by Old Town, open for takeout 


  • Bosque Brewing- Nob Hill and Bernalillo, open for takeout
  • The Craftroom- open for pick up, I 25/I 40
  • La Cumbre- one one coors and one on Girard, open for takeout
  • Marble Brewery- three locations Eastside, downtown, Westside, taking to go orders for beer
  • Ponderosa Brewing- Sawmill area, open for takeout
  • Santa Fe Brewing- Santa Fe or Midtown Albuquerque, open for takeout
  • Steel Bender- North Valley, Online order available for takeout for beer and cider
  • Tractor Brewing- Westside and Downtown, also available for takeout and they have various coupons throughout the week

COFFEE (all open for takeout, some have food and you can also buy bags of coffee vs. store bought bags)

  • The Brew: downtown with select hours
  • Cafe Bella: Westside, Golf Course
  • Humble Coffee: Nob Hill Area
  • Pinon Coffee (one of my favs), has food too: a few locations, Alameda, North Valley, Comanche?
  • Prismatic: Sawmill Area
  • Rise and Roast: Eubank by base
  • Satelite Coffee: one on university and one on Alameda by Corrales (there may be more locations)
  • Trifecta Coffee (another one of my favs): off Montano in the North Valley
  • Zendo- on 2nd and Coal


  • G-Force Gymnastics- they have a summer camp program that they are opening as soon as they are able to, they're hoping it's before summer to help parents out who need childcare
  • Landscape companies are still open for work and other construction companies if you feel safe having work done outside that you may need. Now is a good time to get your yards ready for summer.

Keep in mind that some of these places have modified hours, also if you use Door Dash (or like delivery service) you are helping those employees as well. Most of the places with delivery also are open for takeout but try to deliver if possible (safer). I only have Door Dash so you can get on whatever delivery app you have and find the local spots that can be delivered. Most of those apps offer free first time deliveries or sometimes free delivery days. I'm sure I missed places or possible details so keep messaging me and I will add these updates!!

Back when times were good, visiting our local Wine Dive with friends. Can't wait for this to be over!

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