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The Best Etsy Shops

While I do love some larger retailers, I also really love small Etsy shops! I have found some of my favorite and most well made items on Etsy. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites, including my own. I have also had contact with each of these sellers, and they are all wonderful!

I have to say I was influenced by @somewherelately with this cup and I LOVE IT. It's so cute, reusable obviously (so good for the planet), and sturdy. Also, affordable!

This bracelet is a gorgeous Gigi Clozeau dupe and it comes from France. The seller is super sweet!! I wear this all the time and it has not tarnished. It's such a pretty, dainty bracelet.

This is the cutest pop socket and the seller sent me options to choose from. It is larger but I like it and it's so gorgeous in person.

I purchased this puzzle for Mia last Christmas and she learned quickly how to spell her name. You can customize the colors as well! Super affordable, get's a bit more expensive if you have a longer name lol.

This is where I purchased my Mia necklace that I wear ALL the time. It is so well made but just dainty enough to be super cute. It also layers very well with other necklaces.

Last but not least, my shop! I started a new position at work this year so I haven't had a ton of time to promote this but I still love making cute doormats and dainty jewelry. You can always DM me for something specific. I love that!

Cup and dainty bracelet shown here.

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