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Maternity Wear with Pinkblush

If there was anything I was looking for in maternity wear, it was longevity. It took me forever to finally break down and buy maternity pants, just because I knew I wouldn't wear those postpartum. But don't skip out on buying maternity pants, they're the best! When I was shopping for maternity items, I had a hard time finding things that I knew I would be able to wear postpartum and that was one of my main priorities. I don't like spending money on items that I will wear for a short period of time and maternity wear can be just that. I also didn't know if or when I would be having more babies so my maternity wear budget wasn't that big.

Not only was I concerned with longevity, but I wanted cute maternity items! Surprisingly, I found most maternity wear to be very frumpy and I think it's important to still look and feel cute even when you're pregnant. I managed to find a few items that I loved and still wear but I wish I would have found PinkBlush before I had Miss Mia. They are the ideal maternity wear shop for the young, stylish mama. I love their women's line but I really love the maternity line because it has items that I can wear postpartum and they're more so directed at the modern mama. I love my gifted clothing and Mia and I can match in our striped tops! I still can't believe this top is a maternity top!

Price point and quality is also a big deal for me with clothing. Online boutiques are my favorite because I don't have much time to shop for clothes, but sometimes quality is an issue and you won't know that until you receive an item. I love the quality of the PinkBlush clothes, especially since I plan to keep maternity wear for a long time and the price point easily fits in my budget.

Lastly, one of the most important factors in finding the right maternity clothing was finding something that I can wear to work (think: versatile). I wore my striped top to work but I can also wear it more casually on the weekends. Obviously, I am not pregnant now but this top can easily adjust to various belly sizes, while still being work appropriate. You can find this same top that was gifted to me, here. They have tons of good maternity tops!

If you're a new or expecting mama, or even if you're just searching for a good online clothing boutique- I would highly recommend PinkBlush. I love that I get to work with a brand that values all of the same things that I do in clothing- quality, versatility, affordability, and maternity wear for the fashionable mama! Their maternity line is ideally what I recommend for all expecting mamas! I'm sharing a few of my other favorite items below. I'd love to see what you find, just tag me on Instagram and hashtag shoppinkblush and prettyinpinkblush. Happy shopping!

The cutest Kimono (slims you when pregnant, looks great after).

I'm shocked this is a maternity top!

This dress can easily be worn pregnant or not, and would look great at a summer wedding.

They also have the cutest little kid apparel!
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