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Lavender Health Benefits and Our Festival Trip

Hi everyone!

This weekend, we made our way to the Lavender Festival in the Village of Los Ranchos located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lavender is a plant staple in New Mexico so each year we have a festival with several lavender growers from around the state that come together to sell their products. One of the farms (Los Poblanos) is right across the street from where the festival is held! This festival also has live music, awesome views, local food, spirits, and other vendors. #keepitlocal

We picked up a few small items and I also wanted to share some of the benefits of lavender. I use my lavender essential oil almost daily and I intend to use it for baby Mia as well! I would always much rather use something natural than any type of medicine or products with chemicals.

My favorite lavender uses:

Sleep: Using lavender before bed in lotion, a bath, even just a room spray always seems to relax me and help me get a better nights sleep. I'm hoping this works for Mia as well, (more like praying lol). My favorite combo is lavender and cedar wood especially if you like the musky/woody smells.

Calming/Tension: The scent of lavender also usually calms me down (hence why it helps me sleep) and can be used topically for headaches and tension.

Itchy Skin: Whenever I have a bug bite, dry/itchy skin, or any type of skin irritant I always apply lavender to the irritated area. It really helps to calm eczema down and I've used it post leg shaving to avoid any irritated skin. I have really dry skin that gets irritated easily and lavender is one of the first and only things that has helped to calm my skin down.

Hair/Scalp Care: I love adding lavender to my shampoo for the scent and it helps if I have a dry scalp.  It's also said to help with hair growth!

Inflammation: Lavender is also said to help with inflammation and so I use it for unsightly swollen bumps and bruises. It usually decreases any swelling I have pretty quickly.

Mostly, I just use my lavender essential oil and if that's the route you want to take then make sure it's super pure and not just one with a lavender fragrance. Fragrance is usually fake and causes more harm than it helps BY FAR. I also picked up lotion and lavender salve from the Lavender Festival and those were made with lavender oil and only a few other natural products. I also shared more pictures from our Saturday trip below :)

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