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Postpartum Diet & Breastfeeding Diet

Hi guys!!

I'm officially over two weeks postpartum and feeling pretty good! I was finally cleared for light exercise this week (just walking but I'll take what I can get) and my core is feeling a lot better. I gained, at the most, 22 pounds while pregnant and I've now lost 23 pounds since having Mia. I was 144 pounds and 22% BF pre baby and living a balanced lifestyle with my diet (also, I'm 5'7"). During pregnancy I was 166 at my heaviest and I ate pretty good but some days I would have horrible food aversions and just eat whatever sounded good (hot dogs, lol). Currently, I'm 143 pounds and 23% BF. However, my body is totally different! I lost a lot of muscle from mainly doing cardio while pregnant and that's what I'll be working to get back. I'm feeling pretty loose/skinny right now and I prefer a much stronger body! I've been trying to follow a pretty healthy postpartum and breastfeeding diet for Mia's health and for my own health. That'll help me when I'm back in the gym as well.

Two weeks post baby

I've been watching my intake on a few foods because I was concerned about anything that would affect breastfeeding through my diet. I've avoided things like broccoli, cabbage, beans, and spicy foods completely because I was concerned about those items giving her painful gas and an upset stomach. I've also kept dairy low because I was concerned about cows milk lowering my milk production. I eased into drinking almond milk and eating peanut butter and Mia doesn't seem to have any nut allergies. I'm also still keeping my caffeine intake low.

Since breastfeeding is going fine and Mia seems pretty happy then I'll probably start introducing some of these foods back into my diet. I feel like if I have a balanced diet we will both be just fine! I'll still monitor my cows milk and caffeine intake just because those won't help my own diet/health goals if I consume them in excess. I am not counting calories so I don't stress myself out but I am making sure I'm getting plenty of good meals into my day because breastfeeding does burn extra calories. I'm also eating a lot of healthy fat for my breastfeeding diet. Below is the schedule I'm following:

Carb, protein, healthy fat
Nutritional bar
Carb, protein, veggie, healthy fat
Something with more healthy fat
Carb, protein, veggie
SNACK (sometimes if I'm hungry)
Something small with more healthy fat

I also wanted to list examples of what I'm eating for these meals!

Turkey bacon, two ingredient pancakes (one banana mashed with two eggs, SUPER easy) topped with natural PB
Fig bar, love these
Tuna sandwich on wheat bread (gluten doesn't bother me), and carrots
Lactation smoothie (posted this recipe here)
Chicken cooked in garlic olive oil, rice with fresh garlic and a little light butter, and veggies also cooked in the same olive oil
Almonds & Rasins

Two Ingredient Pancakes

I keep my meals pretty simple and easy since I'm busy with Mia and I'll spend most of my cooking efforts on dinner. These meals change daily because I like to mix it up and I'm not stressing over stuff like using a little bit of butter, etc. Being a new mom is the only thing I need to worry about, not stressing terribly over my diet!! Keep it easy, simple, and healthy. I reached out to my girl friends for some help on getting more fiber in my diet so I'll be adjusting a few meals (more veggies!!).

Also, a reminder that everyone's post baby journey is different and I am lucky to not be holding onto weight. This diet is working for me by keeping me full and feeling good. The weight loss is just how my body reacted right away but since I'm breastfeeding I'm definitely not trying to be in any crazy calorie deficit. I'm also still adjusting to my new body and I'm antsy to rebuild and see what happens! It's crazy what the body can do. If you're adjusting to your new body too, don't be discouraged! I'm trying to see this as a new path with nothing but room to improve my, "mom bod". I'll be eating good and walking my way through the next four weeks until I'm hopefully cleared for the gym! Then, I can see where I'm at and readjust my goals.

If you have any questions, always reach out :) I'm not a nutritionist- just sharing what works for me.

One week post baby
katie lynn

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