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How I'm Staying Organized

Life is full of all new challenges this year with balancing work, family, friends, baby, and working out. I get tired just thinking about it! But I love it and I've actually become better at staying organized. This summer I found the best planner ever and I keep it handy at all times. It's a Day Designer planner, and without it I would probably lose my mind. Not only does it have your typical planner layout, but it also helps you goal set for the year, has a section for daily to-do's, and a section for gratitude which I think is really important to keep in mind when you're busy. I also love that these planners are really cute (which is why I picked it out and just got lucky that it was so amazing!).

I have a few tips on how I use it to stay organized.

-I list all of our bill dates out ahead of time so we don't forget to pay anything
-I list birthday's so we also don't forget those
-Each week I make a cleaning section on Saturday and list what house chores we need to do that week
-I list daily to-do's like if I'm planning a blog post, have to go to the store, etc.
-Then I list out anything else that is scheduled like work, appointments, social events

Doing this not only helps to keep me organized but it also holds me accountable. If I made a certain cleaning chore for myself and wrote it down then I know I'll stick to it and can stay caught up on the house work. I finish my week's with the gratitude section and I actually write down what I'm grateful for. I think that is my favorite part of these planners!

You can find the planners here.

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