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Why I Gave Up the Gym and 2019 Goals

Starting 2019 with a snow day and by sharing some of my own fitness goals for the year! I’ll be honest, working full time, being a mama, going to the gym, having time for family and friends, taking care of a home, and sometimes blogging-was a lot in 2018. I had promised myself I wouldn’t give up doing a few things for myself and one of those was working out. While I didn’t give up working out in 2018, it was always quick gym trips that actually caused me to lose motivation. I was just in there to get a quick workout in and get out. It wasn’t really “me” time anymore, it was just another chore. While I love the gym, I finally decided at the end of 2018 that it was time for a change. My life had changed and I just had to roll with it! It's all about a healthy lifestyle, not just "going to the gym". So, I decided I was going to invest in workout equipment and start working out at home. So far, I love it because I don’t have to rush through a workout to make it back home and it’s becoming my “me” time again. I feel rejuvenated because of this decision and I’m sharing my 2019 goals below! 

-I would like to work out at least 4/5 days per week (more if possible with at least one rest day)
-I would like to really push my workouts and take my fitness to the next level
-I need to stretch with every workout and work my core at least 1 to 2 times per week (core is everything)
-I want to keep my motivation up by taking breaks when I need, continue doing workouts I enjoy, and switch it up when needed- aka making sure this is my "me" time and not just a chore
-I want to cook more at dinner time instead of quick meals and start sharing recipes again
-I also want to make sure I continue drinking enough water and adding lemon, drinking apple cider vinegar when needed (read up on these health benefits, so good!)

We're so ready for 2019!!


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