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#1 Diet Tip

I'm sure before you started reading this, you were thinking I had some crazy diet trick or diet pill but it's so much simpler than that. First, let me give you a little background..I've shared before how finding someone I could relate to was what helped me to get passed my eating disorder and that was because it had a lot to do with my mentality. Realizing I wasn't alone was the first step in changing my mentality. The next step was working on my self love. When I stopped being so harsh on myself and started really trying to love myself then I was able to see an entire different person in the mirror. This took a lot of time and I still work on it daily. But the point is- I got my mentality right which led me to find my number one diet tip.

My question here is not, "Can you lose weight?" It's, "Can you live a healthy lifestyle?" Weight loss and "dieting" is about a lifestyle change, not a fad diet that won't work in the long run. For me- that was eating healthier. I'm not talking throw out all your cheese and carbs, but find meals with good nourishing foods and foods that make you FEEL good. Whenever I use to eat sugar it always made me feel crappy. Now when I see a donut I ask myself, "Will that make me feel good?" The answer is no, it's going to give me a sugar crash and I'll want to go home and nap. When I've enjoyed some pizza and I think I want another slice, I ask myself how that'll make me feel. I already know that answer because I feel terrible when I've over eaten. My number one diet tip is to be mentally aware of your food. Sounds simple but most people don't do it. We get hungry, we see something we like, and we over indulge in it. Then afterwards, we are asking ourselves why we ate three donuts. Mentality is everything in life. Recognize that feeling you get when you eat good food in the correct portions so you can recognize when other foods or over eating don't make you feel good. Before you over indulge, ask yourself, "how will that make me feel?" The same goes for exercise. I feel my best when I'm working out consistently, so when I don't want to work out- I remind myself of that feeling.

I do believe it's important and mentally healthy to enjoy your "treats" from time to time. But if you're mentally aware of how you're feeling- you will probably reach for a banana vs. a donut 9 times out of 10. The lifestyle change isn't stocking your fridge with lettuce, it's changing your mentality. I ask myself this question all the time and it's helped me to prefer healthy food on a regular basis. I now ask myself this question in more than just the health aspect of my life and I wonder why I never did it before.

Do I still get on the scale too much sometimes? Yes. Do I still over indulge from time to time? Yes. But I am much healthier mentally and that helps me to continue my journey forward. I know I am holding myself accountable and if I ever get off track I just keep asking myself, "how does this make me feel?" Back on track I go. Get your mind right and the rest will follow, consistency is always key, and say NOPE to your own excuses.


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