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Self Tanner Reviews

Summer is basically here and taking care of your skin is more important than you think. I use to soak up all the sun and my skin is already paying for it. Now I try my best to protect my skin and use a good self tanner instead. I'm very picky about self tanners because they can come out really bad on someone as white as I am, haha. Obviously, the professional tanning booths are best but we don't all have the money to spend on that. My girl friends and I tried out a few self tanners and reviewed them so you can have your best color this summer! Also, all three of us have different skin tones so keep that in mind.

Isle of Paradise
I LOVE this brand. I ordered medium in the face drops and the tanning spray water. Jeana and Kim ordered the dark ones. We all loved the face drops because you just add them to your moisturizer in your hand and apply. The drops don't streak and they didn't break any of us out. The girls didn't like the tanning water as much as I did because it is a light tan. I like the tanning water because it's an easy to use spray and I can do it myself with my tanning mitt and I don't have streaks. I also don't like getting too dark because it just makes my type of complexion orange. This brand is 100% vegan, cruelty free, and organic- which I love. It also doesn't smell bad or transfer on sheets, etc.

Before-Kim, Jeana, Me

After-Me, Kim, Jeana

All with the face drops on

However, I would say that it is best to order these items from Sephora only and not their direct site. I ordered them from the site and received them protected in a box and in a timely manner. Jeana ordered hers from the site before I did, received them later than I did, and received them in a bag so they were broken. Also, she never could get ahold of someone on the website after multiple tries. Big no, no. If you want the drops from Sephora, put a watch on them because they sell out fast! Good price because it lasts for awhile and is still cheaper than a professional.

St. Tropez
I haven't used this one yet but Jeana and Kim both preferred it for body tanning. It's easy to apply with a mitt (it's a mousse) and it doesn't streak. Their color came out really good! They also said it doesn't transfer onto sheets and things. Kim has fair skin but has more olive under tones so her and Jeana look great with a darker tan. They both have it on in the picture below and I have the Isle of Paradise on. Yes, that is me with a tan, lol. This is also a good price point because it lasts awhile.

I've also used a generic spray tanner from Walgreens on my legs and it worked well. It was a little bit too orange than I like but if you need something quick, easy, and cheap I still liked it. Seen on my legs below.

I didn't filter any of these so you can see the real appearance! I'm sharing a good mitt from Amazon below, mine is sold out but I like having the larger and smaller mitt. Happy Tanning!


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