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My Latest Diet Additions

I've tried a whole lot of supplements over the years and I have a select few that I use daily- fish oil, probiotic, vitamin c, b complex, multivitamin, and calcium. But over the past few months I decided to add two other items to my routine that I wanted to share with y'all because they're so good! I also try to always eat a good amount of protein and I found two different meals that are protein packed, taste good, quick, and don't bother my stomach!

1- Collagen Powder. I had read a little bit about this and I was intrigued but I had to try it for myself first! Collagen powder is supposed to help with wrinkles, dryness, and joint pain. I've used this for over a month and I LOVE IT. I can't attest to the joint pain because we just got a new bed, I'm running more, too many factors here. But I can attest to it improving my dry skin! My hands are the worst when it comes to dry skin and the week between orders where I wasn't using this, I immediately watched my hands become dry again. I haven't changed my lotion routine, just added this. Also, when my skin is more hydrated I notice any wrinkles I have, do improve. I'm linking the one I use below. It's cheapest on Amazon but I've also seen it at Walgreens and Vitamin Shoppe. I add it to my coffee daily and I can't taste it at all. I did a lot of research before I found the best one for the best price.

2- Apple Cider Vinegar. I've used this on and off through the years but I finally decided to consistently incorporate it into my diet for a few months and now I can't live without it. It has a ton of benefits but the one I can attest to is the gut health benefit. I just dilute a shot size amount of it with water every other night and it has completely changed my stomach. You do have to be careful with this stuff because it can give you a stomach ache but if used correctly, it helps all stomach ailments. I've linked one below but you can use any Apple Cider Vinegar. It's also good for a lot of home remedies like catching gnats, household cleaners, you can find a fun article with many uses here. It's like the holy grail of household items.

As for the two protein packed meals, I am loving the Kodiak Cakes Waffles and the Quest Nutrition Pizza. They are both so yummy and the macros are awesome. Serving sizes are two slices of pizza or two waffles. I also like that they're easy meals to make if you're in a hurry. Most of the time quick meals lack protein and are high in carbs, but not these two meals!

I hope you enjoy this health fueled #motivationmonday and these items help you. As always, I wouldn't share anything I didn't try out first! Enjoy.

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