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$19 Pantry Organization

This is a small space in every home that can get a little crazy, quickly. I love seeing all of the Container Store organized pantry's but have you ever seen the prices on those containers?! No thanks!  So I went to the dollar store and organized my entire pantry for $19. Sharing the details and tricks below.

A mess. I couldn't even walk into the pantry and a lot of items went bad because I didn't know they were in this mess.

I left only large items on the floor (trash cans, dog food, trash bags, and paper towels so that I had room to step into my pantry.

I organized items in sections- top to bottom:
-Bags and utensils
-Canned goods, pastas, lunch items
-Breakfast items
-Oils, cooking items, Leo's treats (above the dog food), and cooking utensils (toothpicks, pie tins, etc.)

On the other side I organized a follows- top to bottom:
-Cereal and my sweet snacks, I store these up high in a container where I can't see them so usually I forget about them but if I want a sweet treat I have something. Balance, don't restrict yourself but also I think it's okay to avoid temptation.
-Breads, pastas, nuts
-Mia foods and snacks and my own snacks
-Seasoning and tea's/drink mixes

Before I went to the store I made sure to map out my pantry so I knew how I wanted to organize and what I needed to accomplish that. It took me less than an hour and less than $20! I also had Mia's bibs hung on the back of the door but we don't need those anymore. Now I've been able to keep it organized and food isn't going bad because it's not hidden. Let me know if you like this post and I can share more affordable organization tips!

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