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Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

You have to be careful with this one because you don't want to buy someone acne cream and offend them. (kind off LOL'ing here because if you listen to the Ty Bentli show the 10 minute tune this morning was about offensive gifts) anyhoooo, if you know someone is into beauty items or they may not get offended at good quality products, then this gift guide will help you. I've tried all of these items and LOVE them.

Eye Shadow Palettes
These are my two favorite eye shadow palettes because they are universally flattering and have good day to day colors. I have used and loved both almost daily.

Lip Gloss
These are my two go-to lip glosses. They are almost identical lip plumper's with good color. The Milani one is less expensive but just as good.

Eye Cream
This eye cream is the best I've used, hands down! I do have "crows feet" as they call them but this eye cream has significantly reduced how deep my lines were already getting.

I have tried a few Tula products and these three are my absolute favorites. The eye balm is cooling which is good for puffiness and it gives my eyes a nice glow under my makeup. You can use it over makeup too. The exfoliating mask is one of my favorite masks of all time! My skin feels so good afterwards. And the gel cream is the perfect hydrator for my skin without being heavy.

Face Oils
If you would have told me a year ago that I would want to put oil on my face I would have argued. But these two oils have so many good skin benefits. The Vitamin C is a major anti-agent and the Vitamin E hydrates my skin like no other. I use the Vitamin C daily and the Vitamin E once a week. They do not break me out.

These can get expensive and this one is inexpensive and has various colors for various skin tones or for eyeshadow. I love it!

NYX Lips
These three lip items are my top favorite lip stick, lip gloss, and lip liner BY FAR. I use the lipstick and liner daily. The color and quality is so good. This is the best matte lip stick EVER. The gloss is good for a hint of color or a shine over the lipstick. The liner stays on all day if I let it. Also, helloooo affordable.

Setting Spray
This is the best setting spray and it was actually a gifted to me. I wouldn't have bought it on my own so I was happy it was a gift because now I'm hooked. I only use a tinted moisturizer and it is still on well at the end of a long work day.

Lastly, the Best Gift-The Derma Roller & Jade Roller
Derma rolling can be really expensive but this item is $20 on Amazon and it leaves my face feeling AMAZING. I recommend it for everyone. It exfoliates and helps with anti-aging. My face was glowing the day after I used it. I'm convinced everyone needs this! The Jade Roller helps with anti-aging and it really just feels nice on my face. It's under $15.

Happy Shopping!

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