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WFH Tips for Success

I will say I am not a huge fan of working from home, but I am glad to be working during this time. I also don't miss my commute, lol. I've been finding ways to make the best of working from home and I'm sharing them here! I'm also sharing our extra room and how I set it up to be multifunctional.

Hard to see, but I have twinkle lights set up around the mirror for added decor that I love
1- Have a good, organized set up. Sometimes I move around the house but I keep everything I need nearby and I try to keep my area neat. If I give myself a good workspace I am a lot more productive. This is also why I try to keep a desk somewhere in my house because it gives you an area to get stuff done. The guest room is also the office and workout room. The "office" is also for my blog :)

This clothes rack is under $40!
2- Take breaks! Sounds funny but if you think about it- when you're at work you are up and going to meetings, etc. At home everything is virtual so you're just glued to your computer. It's good to get up and move around, get some fresh air, a snack etc. so you don't get engulfed with work. If I don't take breaks from my computer I usually get less productive in the afternoon and don't feel good when I'm done working.

3- Schedule your day. Sounds silly but when I'm at home I sometimes don't schedule my day (no time constraints) and it messes me up. This can be challenging if you have kids but try your best to stick to a schedule and still have a game plan to get your work done. If I don't start the work day with a list of things to do I'm kind of all over the place and feel unaccomplished. If I make a list with three things to do and finish one before I move on to the next, then I can see what I accomplished and I feel much more productive. (there is a name to this method but I don't know it and the number three is key) I often do this on the weekends for my blog.

I LOVE office accessories- I believe they make me more productive
4- Still socialize. I am an extrovert which is why I like going to work. Even if I have a busy day, I am still interacting with adults. Don't forget to check on your friends at work from time to time so you don't miss out on that interaction. It's a BIG help. It's another tip that may be forgotten about when you're working at home.

5- If your work is done, leave your work "at work". We all have those days where we have to work a little extra to meet deadlines but usually when we leave work, we can leave it there. At home, work is so readily available that it's easy to work overtime because you can. As much as I enjoy work, I know there is a work/life balance that is needed for my mental health. (Forever working on this one).

I am also sharing some of my favorite items below to use while working from home! I absolutely
love still using a planner even when I'm home because it feels much more like my normal routine. I also like to keep my desk space organized and have a cute set up. This space is all about being productive! I use it for my blog/work/working out/etc. Linking my clothes rack as well. I hope this helps! We've got this until we go back to work! Below you'll find some of my decor/favorite pens/water bottle/coffee mug/all things that make me productive!

Hello also workout room lol (luckily this room is a good size)
If you live somewhere with Pompus grass, you can just cut them towards the fall and hair spray them and boom! You have decor forever.
Candles and greenery are key for pretty decor details
Fun fact: Mob movies are my absolute FAVORITE movies also this couch is a futon so guests have a place to sleep!


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