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At Home Workout Ideas

With COVID still going strong I'm sure there are plenty of people (like myself) still trying to workout from home for awhile. It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you are coming up with your own workout ideas so I put together this list that you can mix and match to create a new workout routine. I believe all you need is 30-45 minutes of solid work for good results. I like to keep my heart rate up even with strength training to be the most efficient. I also made this list all body weight workouts in case you don't have weights (and they're hard to find right now). You can always add resistance bands or weights if you have them, to make it more challenging. If you are staying unweighted then I would just raise your reps for more of a burnout.

Even with strength training I start my workouts with 5-10 minutes of warm up cardio like:
-High knees, butt kickers, side shuffles, jump squats, jump lunges, jumping jacks, basically a plyo mix

Push ups are going to be the best here because they work so many parts of your body abs included, you can also create a lot of push up variations. These are most efficient for arms without weights.
-Push ups
-Tricep push ups
-Having your arms in closer to your sides and doing a very slow push up works biceps
-Hold your arms out and put them in small circles for a good shoulder workout
-Slow shoulder presses (a lot of them) give a good burnout even without weight
-Tricep dips
-Pull ups if you have somewhere safe for this lol
-You can also use a lot of household items for weighted arm workouts
-Toddler lifts, I workout with Mia a lot more than you think haha!

-Squats, so many variations here, sumo squat, jump squat, one leg squat, pulse squats
-Calf raises, you can create variations out of these too by turning your toes in and out
-Lunges, walking, forward lunges, reverse lunges, side lunges, jump lunges
-One of my new favorite leg workouts is a sumo squat and then do calf raises in that squat because it works the inside of your thighs
-Clamshells for the outer hip
-Glute raises, you can create variations here, put your legs up higher, do one leg, this is good for the hamstrings
-Dead lifts without weights work the hamstrings too you just have to do more than normal and really focus on muscle mind connection/slow movement

-Crunches (soooo many variations here)
-Planks and side planks, the BEST for your core
-Leg lifts, lay on your back and raise your legs up and down
-Stand up and raise one knee to your elbow at a time each side for obliques
-Sit ups
-If you don't have an ab wheel you can use paper towels or something to slide on a hard surface

-Swimming (one of the best)

If you are getting bored you can also always take your workouts outside for a change of scenery. You can find a lot of free workout guides on YouTube as well for things like yoga and pilates. I like to mix and match all of my above suggestions for a change of scenery. No excuses! Hopefully this guide helps you to create different workouts even while at home!


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