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Poshmark Tips and Tricks

Happy Thursday! I'm excited to share this post because I've been using Poshmark for a long time and love it. Now these tips are geared towards Poshmark because that is what I like to use, but really they can apply for any used item site. If you don't know what Poshmark is- I will give you a little run down here-

Poshmark is a site where you can sell your used items like clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. It is free to sign up but they do take a small portion of your sale. Honestly, that is fine with me because it's so easy to use and you can reach such a broad audience. I have both bought and sold on Poshmark and have never had a bad experience. You can easily upload and select your own price, offer bundle discounts, sales, etc. The seller doesn't have to pay shipping unless they choose to offer discount shipping (and lose some of their sale money). When someone purchases, Poshmark creates the label and you just print and drop it off at the post office. If you buy or sell a luxury item over $500- it will be sent to Poshmark for authentication. You can follow people, share other peoples items so they will share yours, and easily search for things too. Now here are my tips and tricks for buying and selling.

-DESIGNER ITEMS: I have actually purchased a few designer items from Poshmark but I did a ton of research first. Look up how to tell if something is fake and while that can be hard to tell online, some of these posts do have dead giveaways. I would also find something unique to ask the seller. For example if you see a bag and you know the real bag has the logo on both sides of the zipper but on this listing you can't see that- ask them for a picture. If it's sketchy, you'll be able to tell right away. Make sure you know the real designer item you are searching for very well, like every detail. If the price for a designer item looks too good to be true, it is. Unless there are damages. I also avoid items for sale that look "spamy". Think- blurry pictures, something that looks more like a website post instead of a person just trying to resell an item, if they have a lot of the same designer item, etc. Not to knock those people because they may be legit, but I would rather buy from a regular someone who just has a designer item that they don't want anymore. It feels more authentic to me. That's also why I prefer Poshmark over some of the larger designer centered sites. I've also saved a lot of money buy buying designer that is pre-loved.
-Look up information on your seller. Whenever I sell items I receive feedback and people are able to look that up. If there are too many bad ratings or comments, I won't buy from them.
-Is the seller honest? If I have an item with an issue I will list the issue and a picture. I would rather sell something for less than try to make more but my buyer is unhappy with the item. That sets you up for a bad rating.
-Ways to save money: a lot of sellers (like myself) will accept a lower price if you offer a reasonable one to them. You should also see if they offer bundle discounts if you like a few of their items. I don't ever like to send "low ball" offers because I think it is rude and probably not going to happen.
-Like the items you are interested in because often sellers will put an offer out to all the "likers" of the product.
-Find bloggers who use Poshmark. They always have tons of good items!

Bag, bracelet, and sold out shirt are all Poshmark!

-Make sure you are honest with what you are selling. Like I said before, the quickest way to a bad rating is to hide that something is wrong with your product.
-Package nicely and ship quickly because who doesn't like that?! One girl I like to buy from always packs her stuff so well and it makes me want to buy from her more. I once just threw an item in a box and sent it and got a lower rating for that.
-Respond quickly! Nothing is more irritating than really wanting something and asking a question and hearing back weeks later when I don't care anymore.
-Be reasonable with your items. Unless it's designer, I price things to sell. It is a used item and I really just want it to go quickly. You may really value something but your value may not match the actual value. Look around Poshmark for similar items to find the best price. I also think it's important to show how much you paid (that is an option when listing) because it shows the buyer how much they are saving by buying a pre-loved item.
-Reciprocate when people share your items. This can be time consuming, believe me I get it, but it helps you get a lot of followers in the end.
-Follow people and reshape your items often so that you can reach a broader audience. Also, you can join theme parties and meet new buyers there.

I hope this helps when you're shopping pre-loved! I love shopping for nice, pre-loved items because you can save a good amount of money. I've even received items that had tags on them! One mans trash is another mans treasure. But in this case, I don't think used is trash, it's just pre-loved with more life to live! This is also a good way to find sold out items. I highly recommend shopping this way or even in your local resale/thrift stores. If you want to follow along with my Poshmark, you can find me here: @klsschr
Happy Shopping!


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