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Things I'm Loving, August 2020

I thought it would be fun to start a new blog series about different, fun things I'm currently loving! It'll range from so many different things like articles, clothing (of course), podcasts, etc. It'll be things I think everyone would enjoy as well!

I'm going to kick it off with the $10 ice roller I mentioned on Instagram Stories this week. It's from Amazon and can honestly be used for a multitude of things but I have been using it to calm any inflammation on my face. I love this thing. It feels soooo good on your face and honestly, would probably help a headache as well.

I'm also loving The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. Lauryn is so honest and so fabulous. Her and Michael are also hilarious together. They explore so many different things on their podcast which I love. The last one I listened to was about the man who started a major Texas coffee company. I love hearing about entrepreneurial stories.

Recently, I found the designer Mansur Gavriel and I'm obsessed. The handbags are simple and beautiful, they do have good sales, and the packaging has my name all over it haha. Not to mention the site is organized by color. I love it all. If you know me, you know I love handbags. Tagging a few of my favorites (on sale) below.

This is random but when COVID really hit our city I noticed that someone was painting rocks with positive sayings and placing them all over the neighborhood. It really lifted my spirits when all of this started and helped me get through some tough workouts. I am all about spreading positivity and think it's a great idea to find little ways like this to do so. This is a reminder that we can all do something small and sweet like this.

Another thing coming from COVID- is me wanting to redecorate my house LOL (not good). I am very into the "modern farmhouse" look and if that's not a thing, I am making it one. Linking some of my favorites that I would like to incorporate into our house below.

I recently found these under $15 sunnies on Amazon and they look and feel just like Ray-Bans!

Lastly, I am loving the Limoncello and Pasteque La Croix waters. The Limoncello tastes just like cake!! I found them at Sam's Club. You can also order the same pack from Amazon. I haven't tried the third flavor in this pack yet.

I hope you enjoyed this new series!! Any feedback is always appreciated. xoxo!!


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