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Six Day Detox

Hi everyone! Thank you for sharing my blog and my first post :) I'm really excited about this blog and all the responses meant a lot to me! This week I completed a six day detox that was prescribed by my holistic doctor (her name is Elizabeth, check out her website). So I wanted to touch on detoxing, essential oils, and supplements.

After incorrectly dieting for what felt like forever, my body was really off balance so I started seeing a nutritionist and then a holistic doctor. For those of you that don't know what the holistic practice is, you can learn about it here. I may have found somewhat of a balance between life and fitness but my body has some recovering to do. My nutritionist (Deanna, contact me for her info) had me take a blood test to see just what my body was doing. My blood test showed that I had a lot of hormone issues, some digestive issues, and I was actually lacking a lot of nutrients. I found out that a lot of the vitamins I was taking from places like Walgreens and Walmart either had bad ingredients or lacked what I really needed. If you are going to invest in supplements, make sure you research them! There is no such thing as a "skinny pill" so don't believe any gimmicks. Supplements are meant to benefit your body but they can't be relied on solely to lose weight, etc. Organic supplements are the best and make sure you read the labels. If you have access to a professional, ask for their recommendations.


Some of my staple supplements are a good multi vitamin, vitamin C to strengthen my immune system, a probiotic for healthy digestion, amino's for my muscle recovery/development, iron since I don't eat a lot of red meat, and omega 3 for cardiovascular and joint health. I also added Holy Basil and Maca powder for awhile to regulate some hormone levels like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol (the stress hormone that makes it hard to lose weight and holy basil can lower it). Vitamin Shoppe has a good selection of organic vitamins to chose from. My nutritionist came up with some natural supplements to try and get my body back on track. She's also been extremely helpful in teaching me how to eat/train smarter instead of harder (that topic will be another post in itself). I then began seeing Elizabeth so that she would be able to read my body and help me find total body balance. By using holistic practices she was able to find out what my body needed in order to recover. If you don't believe in holistic practices let me tell you she was able to read my body and give me the same results that my blood test had given me. She recently had me complete a six day detox to clear my digestive system so that I would have a healthier digestive system and be able to absorb nutrients again. No point in buying all these supplements if I can't benefit from them!


I believe that you have to go through a professional to have access to this detox, but that really is the safest way to detox. When detoxing, you have to be very careful with what you use. I used to use dieter's tea on a regular basis and that has Senna in it which really causes more harm to your digestive system than it does benefit. I also tried a few detox's I found at a local health foods stores and they caused me a lot of stomach pain, nausea, etc. A lot of the "skinny teas" you see online are really a gimmick and can cause a lot of harm to your body. Make sure you look into the ingredients of a detox and make sure it is something that will be gentle on your body. Juicing is a good way to detox because it doesn't make you sick and it's using natures fruits and veggies.

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The first three days of my six day detox consisted of eating only grains, fruits, and veggies. The reason for this is to take some strain off of my digestive system. Sometimes the best part about a detox is giving your digestive system a break! It is a very hard working part of your body. The last three days of my detox, I was able to resume my normal healthy diet but I kept out any heavy food, red meat, etc. Over time, there are things that your body can't digest and they end up just sitting in your body (lots of red meats, nuts, some beans and dairy, etc.) This detox essentially reset my digestive system. I also used essential oils throughout these six days in order to help the process. I added lemon essential oil to my daily gallon of water because it helps in body purification. It's way stronger than just squeezing a lemon in your water because it takes 3000 lemons to make a kilo of this oil! I also used oregano oil to flavor my veggies because it's antibacterial/anti-fungal/antiviral and it helps with digestion and metabolic balance. The third oil I used in my water is called Slim & Sassy and it helped to keep my metabolism going while curbing any cravings I had (it's hard to eat vegan for three days!!) After the detox and the oils, my body is already feeling better (no bloating!). Link to these oils is on my contact info page and here.
My dieting, binging, etc. left my digestive system very overworked and my nutritionist believed I had a little bit of leaky gut syndrome also from consuming a lot of whey protein (I have cut this protein out of my diet because it is so heavy on your stomach). It caused me to have a lack in nutrients because you typically absorb nutrients through your digestive system. Having these digestive problems is just another reason to avoid unhealthy dieting and eating habits. Now that I completed my detox, I should be able to absorb all of the nutrients from my supplements and they will benefit my body to the fullest extent. I'm one step closer to having a healthier body! I strongly recommend a healthy detox to anyone. It's good to detox your life and your body and rid yourself of all of the toxins that gather up over time. I also recommend taking supplements as long as you have researched them and you believe you will benefit from them.


Hopefully this helps some of you who are a little lost when it comes to all the supplements, detox's, etc. on the market. If you every have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

katie lynn

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