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Vacation Eating Tips

Hi everyone! So I'm pretty excited my blog has been viewed almost 500 times in 6 countries!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for reading :) I was sitting in the Phoenix airport when I started writing this and dwelling over the fact that my body didn't feel 100%  after a few days off of my typical meals. I was in AZ for my ASU MBA orientation which included provided meals like salad but also a few meals that included burgers and pizza. A few months ago, I would't have touched these meals and I would have been stressing over what to do because I was hungry or I would have over ate and stressed over what to do because I felt awful. Now, I am not concerned about these meals and I'm not going to go hungry because I'm stressed about eating pizza (how silly does that sound when you really think about it, but at the time it was a reality for me). I'm also not going to pass up these free catered meals :)

In the past few days I've also had a few people ask me about cheat meals/traveling/etc. I love to travel but for awhile I dreaded it because vacation means cheat meals and at that time for me, it also meant guilt. A lot of people go on vacation and it's an endless buffet for them just because of the word "vacation". For some that is okay but for others trying to still keep their fitness goals in line, that is a disaster waiting to happen. I would be ridiculous to say that people don't want to enjoy themselves on vacation but I would also be ridiculous to say that you can't. Yes, I believe there is a happy balance even when it comes to vacation.

First of all, go out on vacation and enjoy yourself! That is the whole point of a vacation. Enjoy the new foods and drinks but in moderation. If you are use to a healthy diet you may feel somewhat crappy coming home but that's typically just bloating and water retention unless you eat everything in sight. This is how I'm currently feeling but I know I didn't go overboard and I'll work out tomorrow and be fine.
Second, pack some healthy snacks. I use to try and pack meals on vacation but that did not work for me as it may for others. Typically, I would pack meals and they would be disgusting by the time I landed and went to consume them. Packing meals just made me resentful that I couldn’t enjoy a vacation like everyone else and, once again, it caused me to become more obsessive with food. Your best choice is to pack a few healthy snacks that will give you some good options if you don’t want to eat something that is provided.

Something else to keep in mind while traveling is moderation. Think about items that you really want to indulge on and skip the ones you can live without. If you practice moderation, you won't feel so full but you will also get to enjoy the things you really want. Denying a craving on vacation, in my opinion, is the means to a bad vacation. Life is too short not to enjoy little things. Also eat slowly and keep in mind when your body is telling you it is full. Portion control is one of the best things to practice when living a healthy lifestyle and stuffing yourself only leaves you feeling crappy.
The last thing to keep in mind is DON'T FEEL GUILTY! You're only human and humans like to indulge, just be smart about it and enjoy yourself. Guilt is what brought on a lot of my past misery and I refuse to let those feelings sink in again. As soon as they do, I remind myself that I will be back on a normal routine when I'm home. Once I'm home, I typically like to use the sauna for a few days and use my essential oil, DigestZen, to help aid my body in getting rid of any water weight I'm holding on to. The DigestZen (you can search for this through the link) is a new find of mine and it's really helpful when I'm feeling not 100% after vacation. I just rub a little on my stomach and add some to my morning coffee and it seems to get my digestive system right back on track.


Hopefully this helps anyone on vacation! Happy travels!

katie lynn

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