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Men's Gift Guide with Jord

This season, Christmas came early with a Jord wood watch. I know most men would love this based on my men's gift giving tips. I picked the walnut and black wood watch from the Hyde series and it's gorgeous! It's timeless and unique. Today, I'm partnering up with Jord to share my tips on picking the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Also, I have a special treat for my readers at the end.

My first tip is to think timeless. I always aim to find something that won't lose interest within months and remains useful. Classic, timeless gifts are always appreciated and never end up in the back of someones closet.
You'll also want to shop for durability. If I'm picking out something wearable I'm looking for something that will last through working on cars, working outside, daily work wear, etc. It goes hand in hand with being a timeless item. The same goes for tools, etc. Men will keep things forever so you want to make sure it will last.
A unique item is best. It's hard to shop for men who seem to have everything they want so I always look for a stand out item that'll really impress them instead of another sweater or power tool.
Find a wide range of uses. If I'm looking for tools or electronics, I want to make sure it has multiple uses not just a one and done item. If I'm buying a wearable item then I want to make sure they can wear it for work, play, and everything in between.
Lastly, match their style. You know the man you're buying a gift for best, so go with what you know they will like. Most likely, they'll love what you choose for them and their style!

As a special gift to all my readers, you can click here to enter your email and receive 25% off any Jord wood watch!

Today only, you can click here then click the Black Friday logo five times to access the Black Friday sales (hint: you can save over $100 on some watches!).

The mens shop can be found here and you can shop the stunning wood watch I picked here. Also, I can't forget my ladies who can shop the beautiful women's wood watches here.
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