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My Weight Anxiety

Weight anxiety is something that I think most women struggle with. Maybe you aren't comfortable with your current weight, you just lost weight and don't want to gain it back, or you're just worried about gaining weight. I think we've all felt some form of this anxiety.

I've always struggled with worrying about weight especially when I was dealing with dieting and binge eating. For the most part I've learned how to handle it but it never fully goes away. Now that I've lost my baby weight I can feel that weight anxiety creeping back into my life. I can feel the pressure to keep that weight off and that's when I start to focus too heavily on my weight. What's worse is the holidays are near which is basically the international season of weight gain (especially when you love holiday foods and flavors). I'm sure some of you are reading this and get weight anxiety when I mention the holidays! On top of that, I have a wedding coming up which adds even MORE pressure to watch my weight. However, I promised myself years ago that I would never let that weight anxiety creep back into my life and take control. Weight anxiety keeps you from making any kind of body progress. I want to share how I'm controlling that anxiety for those of you struggling with something similar.

First off, I remind myself to STOP GETTING ON THE SCALE. This one is hard for me but I've trained myself to avoid the scale when I know I might be carrying some water weight from a meal the night before. Don't put yourself through that stress, just walk away from the scale. Use the scale sparingly not routinely. It's a lot better to measure your "weight" off of how you feel. I've had days where I feel great and the number on the scale changes my mind. I'm about five pounds away from the scale number I would like to be, however, I actually feel like I look much better at my current weight. When I'm not obsessing over a number, I'm a lot happier in my body.

You're worth much more than a number on the scale.

Second, it's important for me to keep enjoying my life. I can't stress this enough! If you want to go have a burger with your friends, then go. Don't live a crazy strict lifestyle if you don't need to. I am healthy, I don't have weight to lose, and I know if I restrict myself I won't be happy and my anxiety will skyrocket. If you're enjoying yourself, your mind is going to be a lot less focused on what is giving you anxiety. I'm also much more in control of my working out and my eating choices if I give myself a break sometimes. Listen to your body!

It's also important to enjoy working out and healthy meals. If you find things you like then you're able to make a lifestyle change, not just a temporary fix to lose some weight. Knowing that I made a lifestyle change years ago, gives me comfort that I'll be fine during the holidays and fine leading up to my wedding. A lifestyle change is key for so many other things besides just weight. It's important for health and for happiness.

Last, managing my weight anxiety is easier when I share it with you all! Being honest and sharing what I'm going through is hopefully helping someone else going through the same thing and that gives me comfort. It's always nice to know you aren't alone! Talk to someone, feel free to contact me, and face that anxiety head on.

You can also find my old post, on beating the holiday lbs, here.

Always aim for self love!

katie lynn

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