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Breakfast Smoothies

Lately, I’ve been very into protein shakes for breakfast! They’re quick and easy to make and they keep me much fuller, longer (protein is key here). If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I can’t have whey protein (sad day) because it’s too heavy and bothers my stomach. So, I have one plant protein that I love and it’s super inexpensive! It’s brown rice protein and while it’s not as tasty as whey, it’s not as disgusting as most plant based proteins. I’ll link it here. I wanted to share a few breakfast shake ideas that I love, and hopefully you will to! I use the cheap version of the Nutribullet to make these because it’s so much easier than a blender and you can take the cup to go. Walmart version I use tagged here.

-PB & Bananas: Easy as it sounds, I put one part ice and one part banana (1/2 banana) in the cup then add a scoop of protein and a TBSP of peanut butter. Pour in almond milk to the top and blend.

-Berries and Almond Butter: For this one I use frozen berries and do a full cup of frozen berries. Then a scoop of protein and a TBSP of almond butter (yum, my fav) and top it off with almond milk then blend.

-Iced Protein Coffee: for this one I do one part ice and one part banana (1/2 banana), a scoop of protein, a TBSP of almond butter, and then fill the cup with cold brew coffee and blend. Almond butter tastes better with the coffee and sometimes it’s nice to have both your shake and coffee together.

If I come up with more shake ideas, I will add them! Enjoy!


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