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New Years Resolutions: Saving

I really love New Year's because it's like a fresh start to look forward to. Kinda silly, since it's really just a new month but there is just something great about a new year and setting new goals. The last two years I've tried really hard to work on my savings and control where my money goes. The same goes for this year. I’ve found a lot of different ways to achieve some of these goals and I’m sharing a few below if you need some help!
  • The most important part of saving for me is to set a monthly budget and use cash for things like groceries, fun money, etc. When the cash is gone, it's gone. I know I can easily get swipe happy with a debit card so this helps me. Seems simple but a lot of people don't do this, including my past self, lol. Then I can budget for my saving.
  • Look into Dave Ramsey! A lot of my own tips I learned from him when a friend suggested him to me a few years ago. His book, "Total Money Makeover" is my favorite and he is a little hard core but I 100% agree with what he talks about if you're in debt. 
  • Set a budget for vacations, big expenditures, etc. For example, set your Christmas budget ahead of time by listing who you are buying for and how much you can spend. If you need to, spread this out over a few months so you don't end up living off Ramen for all of December. I set mine in September to make sure I had a few months to stretch it out if needed.
  • Shop on Poshmark! I have found the best gently used designer items on Poshmark (like my Hunter boots) that I love. I've also sold on here and the process is super easy. Honestly, I do not care if something is gently used if it saves me money. If I really want something, I will hunt for a deal.
  • Speaking of selling.. it's always a good time to clean out your closet and make some extra cash!
  • Download all the coupon apps like the Target app with the Cartwheel feature that lets you scan items for savings in store and Retail Me Not where you can search certain stores for coupons. There are also good cash back sites like Ebates and I really love wholesale memberships if you have a family and plenty of storage for bulk items.
  • Simple, don’t buy what you don’t need! Easier said than done in this world.. but still a good reminder.
  • Work on having somewhat of a good size savings for emergencies so you don't reach for a credit card.
  • Watch the small buys like a cup of coffee every morning, they add up.
  • Personally, I like to avoid convenience buys like paying for someone to deliver my groceries. It sounds super awesome but I can do that myself and save money. #aintnobodygotmoneyforthat
  • Set rules and stick to them. Lately I've been telling myself if I want a new piece of clothing that means I have to donate or sell one of my own. I do not need to keep everything I don't wear.
  • Some of these points are small but I’ve found they help me a lot in the long run!


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