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Best Jeans for the Curvy Figure

I have tried on tons of pairs of jeans and it took me a very long time to find some that fit my figure. If they fit good in the legs, they're too tight on my hips. If they fit good on my hips, they're too loose on my legs, etc. etc. My number one tip for jeans, if you're curvier, is to get them with stretch or go for a good quality jegging that really does look like a pair of jeans. This works for my slim girls too! Any jean with stretch is usually meant to hug all body types. I'm going to list some of my favorite brands and styles of jeans below that have fit me best and would work for a curvy figure! *side note, a few people have mentioned I'm not curvy but little do you know, I wear a size 10 jean sometimes an 8. To some people that is almost plus size! Ridiculous. But finding jeans that fit you right is what matters- and size is literally just a number. It's all about the fit.
Express's jeans are my number one fit BY FAR. I've owned my favorite pairs of jeans from them for years and not only do they fit like a glove but they don't shrink or stretch out and they've lasted me FOREVER. I always go with the super skinny fit so they're tight in the legs and I like a mid or higher waist. I could for real sleep in these things they are so comfortable. They are also a nice enough quality that I wear them to work weekly. I usually go for a darker color in order to wear them to work and they often have sales so you don't have to spend $80 on jeans. TTS.

Fashion Nova
I can't link my favorites to shop here, but just know these were made for curvier girls. They fit my hips and waist perfectly and they are very flattering. They are also very affordable. Any of their jeans will work for the curvier girl! TTS.
Shop jeans here.

Abercrombie jeans are my next pick. I recently bought a pair of their super skinny ankle jeans and I love the feel (so soft) and fit of them. They are also high waist and very comfortable. They don't stretch out during the day much either. I will say that the washes fit differently. My white ones are TTS and my dark ones I went down a size.

I bought the "Wedgie" fit and they are my favorite! They are really flattering. Some of the Levi's with less stretch DO NOT fit my body but if you find a good, stretch pair- they make your behind look great. TTS.

Old Navy
I actually use to hate Old Navy's jeans- they were the worst fit for me. I decided to give them another try when they had half off jeans the other day and I found a winner! These jeans are TTS and so comfortable. I think they've redone their fit since I swore them off years ago. I love that they're very affordable.

American Eagle
These are my last pick. I still like them, the fit is flattering and they have a great wash but they don't fit me 100% perfectly. They're a good dressy jean because they keep their dark wash and are comfortable if you're not wearing them all day long. Also, I need jeans that can move with me at work and that's what I'm primarily basing this off of.

Jeans are so important and can be so hard to find a good fit! I hope this post helps!

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