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Swimsuits for Every Body

Summer is right around the corner and that means so is swimsuit season! Too often I hear girls complain about swimsuits and how they feel in them. I've always struggled to find a good fitting suit but a few months ago I found my FAVORITE suit from Aerie. It's the best fitting suit I've ever owned. I LOVE that they cater to all body types and they model their swimsuits on a bunch of different girls. It makes all girls feel 100% more real and comfortable. Because of that, I decided I wanted to share my swimsuit tips to help flatter any shape. All girls should feel beautiful in a swimsuit! Most suits are Aerie with a few from two other good quality, affordable retailers.

Concern: Small Bust
A push up bra top is always a win in this case but if you don't like those tops I would say opt for a halter bikini possibly with ruffles or crochet. The details will make you appear fuller up top and the triangles can be adjusted to give you a little oomph.

Concern: Large Bust
I think it's always good to get a top that doesn't move like the string bikinis in this situation. Think a halter or bra top that doesn't move and has good coverage or one of those cute high neck tops for total coverage.

Concern: Tummy
High waist swimsuits are very cute and very flattering! You can get them a little more cheeky or you can have fuller backside coverage. Ones that runch on the sides can also be very flattering on a tummy. I really like the ones that have a thick band around the middle for more support.

Concern: Hips
This one is always my issue!! I've owned all three of these types of bottoms and they all help to slim my hips. Any suit with ties or runching on the sides doesn't hug you so tightly. The yellow one that I own has this great thick band around it that fits my hips PERFECTLY. If you feel that you have too slender of hips, then a hip tie suit is also good because it can be adjusted or hiked up to create fuller looking hips.

Concern: Booty
If you're looking for more coverage on your backside, my yellow suit does this really well. The runched swimsuits also cover pretty good. Some high waist suits give you good backside coverage, but I recommend trying them on before buying. Usually, you have to try any of these on to test out that backside coverage. Hipster or boy short bottoms also help for better coverage. If you're looking to show off the booty, I love a high waist cheeky bottom (like the lime) because they really flatter a good toned backside.

Concern: More Coverage in general
I think one piece swimsuits are just as cute as two piece and they have a ton of fun options. The lemon one is really cute for summer and the black and white has the lines in the middle to accentuate or create more of a waist. You can find a suit with the right pattern to flatter your shape. A longer tube top also gives more coverage than any other bikini top. Lastly, I found this super cute skirted one piece on Amazon that would look awesome on anyone! Skirted one piece suits can give you good coverage and are still very cute. I think they also smooth you out especially with runching on them.

Most of these suits come in different colors and you can mix and match. Also, pick a color that is most flattering on your skin tone to bring it all together. I think it's important that we all feel cute and comfortable at the pool or on the beach this summer! Hope this helps!
Shop my yellow suit and accessories, below.

-Katie Lynn

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