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Peloton Review

Recently I've had a lot of questions on my Peloton so I figured I would round up my answers in a blog post! I figured now is a good time to share since they just started their holiday sale where you buy the bike and get the accessory pack for free.

The biggest question is obviously if it is worth it. For me, it was 100% worth it. When I bought my Peloton, it was just Mia and I and I had a hard time working, raising her, and going to the gym. The gym just became stressful because I was trying to get in and out so quickly. When I was able to work out from home I enjoyed it again and it made it so much easier to work out quickly or do a longer workout while Mia was asleep. This also meant more time with her. I love that not only do I have my bike but I have a ton of classes for weight training, yoga, etc. Now if you are the type of person who can't stick to something, I would not recommend the Peloton. It is an investment and you don't want it to be collecting dust.

Pricing wise, the Peloton can be paid in full or you can do monthly no interest payments. The classes are around $40/month on top of your Peloton payments if you do it that way. You don't have to buy the classes, you can just get on and ride the Peloton. I purchased my bike after Black Friday (holiday season) and they had the deal on buying one and basically getting a mat, shoes, headphones, weights, and heart rate monitor for free (going on right now).

Do you need just Peloton accessories? No you don't! You just need shoes that clip in and light weights that fit on the weight racks (behind the seat) for the arm workouts on the bike. The intervals and arms classes do not need heavy weights, they are the type of classes where you burn out your arms so 3lbs was all I needed and that's the heaviest Peloton offers.

Some other Peloton perks are that they have people come and set it up for you and give you the run down on how to take care of it. You can easily find how to adjust your bike for your body and they have a lot of beginner classes as well that discuss form. The classes are SO motivating and so good. I have not taken a class that I did not like. They have meditation, yoga, running, strength, spin, etc. I have the app on my phone so that I can do the strength, yoga, etc. on the floor. You will want good wifi for the classes on the bike tablet. I haven't had any glitches with the bike or tablet and my shoes are still in good condition as well. The bike is very well made (as it should be) and easy to use. The tablet updates frequently and hasn't give me any trouble. The maintenance on the bike is simple as well and you can easily move the bike (should still have someone help you with this).

I use to think that working out at home would be un-motivating but the fact that I can get a workout done from home quickly and sometimes in my pajamas, is actually very motivating. They also have monthly and seasonal challenges that you can sign up for to keep you motivated. Other riders can see you if they're in the same class with you and they motivate you as well. If your friends have bikes you can add them to your Peloton friend list and motivate each other or see what classes they've taken so you can try them too. They have live rides and sometimes the instructors will shout you out if you've hit a big mile marker like 100 rides. You also get a shirt for hitting that century ride, how fun! They have theme rides and holiday rides and BACKSTREET BOY RIDES, it's all good stuff- trust me.

Hope this helps you weigh your options!


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