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Traveling with a Toddler

Kicking off 2020 with a trip with Miss Mia and sharing my toddler traveling tips! Traveling with any small human can make you nervous but I've seen moms do it alone with more than one, so you've got this!

1- Bring plenty of snacks. When I travel with Mia, my carry on bag is really meant for her. I pack enough snacks to feed her throughout the trip and keep her happy. When she was a baby I always had a bottle handy for plane rides because that loosens up her ears when altitude changes (pacifiers work too, Mia just never took one). I also kept a little bag of formula and bought a water bottle or filled one before we boarded. Now we never travel without a no spill sippy cup.

2- Entertainment. I will do just about anything to entertain Mia when we travel. This summer we took a 12+ hour road trip to Missouri and I can happily say she was happy 99% of the time. My mom and I sat in the back with her and entertained her. I had downloaded movies off of Netflix for her to watch and I let her use my iPad to play little children games. I also had toy cars and things she could play with while in her car seat. Same goes for airplanes. Now I bring a set of the magic markers (that only color on the specific paper) and the special paper for her to color on wherever and I know she won't make a mess. Downloading movies is important because you may not always have service.

3- Pack diapers, wipes, and meals. I still do this (potty training isn't going well) because then I don't have to buy stuff on the go and I have little meals in case she's being picky. I use to bring baby food and now I bring her little pre made PB&J sandwiches.

4- Pack the basics when it comes to medicine. I always look in my medicine cabinet and want to bring everything, but I stick to simple diaper cream, a booger sucker, and toddler ibuprofen. If anything else happens, I can pick that stuff up but I like to be a little prepared. You can't over pack for little ones when you still have to pack for yourself.

5- Bring a big purse or backpack. Usually, Mia has her own little backpack but when we travel I just need something that I can shove all of our stuff in and go. I usually do a larger carry on for all the entertainment items and pack my purse then pull it out when we get where we are going.

6- Think about sleeping arrangements. Lately I travel with a pack and play but sometimes that's not always possible so have a game plan or you won't sleep on your trip. That won't be fun for anyone!

7- Cover your car seat and gate check your stroller. Checking car seats on airlines is free but cover it or it will get damaged. I also always take Mia in her stroller to the gate and gate check it (also free) so that I am not carrying/dragging her around.

8- Get help. Traveling with a small human means a lot of stuff (car seat, stroller, suitcase, carry on, pack and play, and don't forget the tiny human) so you will need help in and out of airports, loading cars, etc. Now is not the time to be superwoman or superman).

9- Bring some form of ID for a child if you are flying. They will need this when you check in and it just has to have the child's birth date and name.

10- Relax. I really think kids can feel when you're stressed so if you're calm, they'll be calm. Mia has traveled a lot already and she's only had one flight where she was a mess (knock on wood) and it was because I was a nervous mess. Take a deep breath and handle things as they come.

Happy Travels!!

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