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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Today I am sharing some last minute gift ideas for Mother's Day 2020! However, these are not physical gift items- I am putting together a list of quality activities you can do with your mom on Mother's day, even virtually. Once I bought my mom and I a Design by Wine night (painting and wine) for Mother's Day and that was both of our favorite gifts. Quality time is so much more special than a physical item.

If you're able to see your mom on Mother's Day then here is my list of fun activities to surprise her with:

-Design by Wine at home! You can do a drive up order at Target to get some craft items, pick up a bottle of wine, and then either do your own crafts or YouTube something new.
-Stop by and make your mama breakfast (or dinner). My dad is cooking for both of us all weekend and we are thrilled, lol.
-Have a movie night! You can still rent new movies right now and stream them on your TV even though theaters are closed. Bring some drinks/popcorn/candy and you've got yourself a fun night.
-Game night is one of my favorite things to do if you have board games. Then the whole family can get involved!
-Wine and a fire! Mom and I are doing this, this weekend with their outdoor fireplace. Target also has some really affordable fire pits. Add s'mores too if she loves sweets!
-Work on a scrapbook together. This is another item you can do a drive up order at Target for (or Walmart). Then you can go through old family pictures and make a scrapbook. This is something really special to do with your mama.

If you aren't able to see your mom on Mother's Day then you'll have to go the virtual route!

-You can have a Zoom happy hour because who doesn't like happy hour. You can always drop off her favorite drink beforehand to surprise her.
-You can also do a virtual game night with the whole family which is a ton of fun!
-Send flowers- this is an obvious one if you aren't able to be around each other. Most local companies are doing social distancing deliveries too and it really helps them.
-Drop off some kind of gift basket for her. Again, Target drive up coming in clutch here. You can make a spa basket to drop off so she can spoil herself. You also may be able to do rush shipping today, I'm not sure.

Mother's Day 2020 is not normal this year but that is no reason to not find a way to make the best of it and spoil your mama!

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