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8 Ways to Gift That Aren't Gifts

 This year is the best year to gift something other than a "gift". Things are tight for a lot of people and we could all use a more meaningful pick me up instead of an Amazon delivery. Now don't get me wrong, I love Amazon haha but I wanted to share a different kind of gift guide this year.

1- If you are able, you can donate in someones name. I love this idea, it gives to people in need and you're doing it on behalf of a good friend or family member.

2- Have a dinner at home! I did this with my girlfriends last weekend and it's one of my favorite traditions. Get dressed up or wear sweats lol and pick food up from your favorite restaurant. You can also get together and cook or have a potluck. I would much rather us spend time together than anything else!

3- Have a board game night or a virtual game night if you're concerned about seeing anyone. These are always fun nights and great ways to get some social interaction.

4- Just sending a Christmas card or hand written letter. I love when people think of us and send us Christmas cards! I also love handwritten notes! They're small tokens of appreciation that are just as meaningful as a gift. You should still have time to do this before Christmas.

5- Doordash someone their favorite meal or sweet treat! It doesn't have to be expensive and who doesn't love food.

6- Schedule a Holiday zoom call. You can have a virtual ugly sweater party or even play a virtual drinking game! Again, I think especially this year any kind of social interaction is way better than a gift.

7- If you know someone with kids, send them a Holiday activity like a little holiday coloring book! All parents want their kids to be occupied with something this year while at home, lol. Also, who didn't love a gift like this as a kid?! and they're very affordable!

8- Do a funny virtual gift exchange. This works if you all live near each other. Draw names and then find something small in your house that you don't want (usually it's something funny) and leave it on your persons doorstep. I would say it's good to clean it (not sure if COVID is passed via items) and then everyone can have a zoom call and open their gift! You can have fun guessing where it came from too. We actually used to do this with my old company (except it was in person back then) and it was so funny to see what people get!

I hope regardless of how this year has been, that everyone still has a wonderful holiday season!


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