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Beating the Holiday Lbs!

Most of the time the holidays become an excuse for weight gain and overeating. However, this leads to guilt for all of us come New Years Eve when we're trying to squeeze into that LBD. The holidays don't have to be that way! I follow a few tips in order to still stay on track during the holidays but also enjoy them :)
  1. If you don't want it, don't eat it. A lot of times we find ourselves just eating what ever is offered at Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. but I would rather use my calories on something I really want to eat. Enjoy the things you have been craving instead!
  2. Get back on track ASAP. I took the day off on Thanksgiving, enjoyed myself without over doing it and was right back in the gym the next morning. I still enjoyed left overs the next day but in moderation. Always make sure you do something you enjoy when working out too!
  3. Put the extra calories to good use. I always like to work out fasted the day after a holiday meal because I feel like it helps me to burn fat. I'll have a tsp of coconut oil before I workout so that I can burn through that for energy. I also like to have a heavy leg day (or any hard hitting workout) when I consume extra calories because you'll burn more calories and can work on those gains.
  4. Use the sauna to help ward off water weight. A lot of times post meal weight gain is water weight. Using the sauna even for just 10 minutes helps me to sweat off some water weight, bloating, and toxins.
  5. Get back to your regular meals. Enjoy the holidays but still be conscious of what you're eating. Don't have holiday meals and treats everyday just because it's the holidays.
  6. ENJOY YOURSELF. This is the first year in a long time that holiday foods haven't given me major anxiety. It's because I'm concerning myself more with family and friends than avoiding food. The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love, so enjoy them. Don't stress over gatherings and holiday treats and drinks. Because I give myself the option to enjoy the holidays, I don't feel the need to stress over them. I'm happy, healthy, enjoying things in moderation, and staying on track :)
Happy late Thanksgiving to all my readers!!


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