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If you related to my first post...

...then I have a good article for you. A long time friend of mine recently sent me this article and it is something I HAVE to share. You can check it out here.
Orthorexia was one of the first terms I heard that made me finally understand what type of struggles I was going through. Seeing that someone had put a name and an understanding to how I was feeling meant that I wasn't alone in this struggle. It all relates back to the media, social media, and the false idea that all healthy/beautiful women look that way because they eat "clean" 100% of the time and workout all the time.
Like I said before, on my path to health and weight loss I somehow became obsessed with it. I noted in my first post that I was only eating what I saw on social media listed as "clean" foods. I had no idea how to start a strict healthy lifestyle so I turned to fitness accounts online. This just led me down a bad path because most of those fitness accounts are NOT reality.
When I was at my lowest point I decided to unfollow a lot of fitness accounts to try and not have my life so centered around fitness and health. When I finally saw the term Orthorexia and I saw REAL women going through it I started to feel better and that's when I reached out to a few people for help. Ladyfit (Instagram name) was one of the first women that I reached out to because I saw that she had faced some type of similar struggle. She had some wonderful advice for me and that was the first time I started to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. Finding someone you can relate to can help in a big way.
Fast forward to present day and I'm extremely busy! -Hence the lack of posts recently, sorry :) I have a new position at work, I'm working on my Master's degree, and somehow keeping a social and family life. Since my life has become so busy in the last few weeks I have missed a few days at the gym and I haven't meal prepped as much as I usually do but what's nice about that is I'm not worried about it! If this had all happened a year ago I would have beat myself up over missing a day at the gym or having to eat food that I didn't prepare. Now, those harsh thoughts don't even cross my mind. I know when things slow down I'll be right back to my normal schedule.
I hope that if you're reading this article and you can relate to it, it brings you peace. I know that understanding Orthorexia was my first step to get to where I am now. Knowing you're not alone is a powerful force and I hope this article helps you!

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