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Quick and Easy Lunches

Lately, I barely have time to make dinner so a fully meal prepped lunch isn't happening. However, I still prefer to pack a healthy lunch so I've been coming up with some quick lunch ideas. Today I had green chile salsa chicken tacos!
Heat up two corn tortillas for about 10 seconds, heat up some pre-made southwest style chicken for about 30 seconds, add lettuce, guacamole (I like the 100 calorie cups if you can't make it fresh), and green chile salsa! Quick, easy, and flavorful!
I also like to make easy sandwiches with gluten free bread, avocado instead of cheese or spread, tomatoes, lettuce, and natural (be careful of the crap that is put in deli meat) sliced turkey.
I've also been enjoying a small cup of tomato or squash soup with a grilled chicken side salad and oil and vinegar instead of dressing. You can also add a little bit of fruit, nuts, or avocado to your salad and the soup serves as your carb.
It's good to have a fully balanced lunch (veggies, carb, healthy fat, and protein) to get you through your day. Being short on time doesn't mean letting your meals go to crap and you also don't have to spend a crazy amount of time meal prepping :) Enjoy!

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