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End of Summer Style

Like most stores, I'm starting to get ready for fall (football) and fall style. Even though summer is technically nearing its end, New Mexico heat likes to hang out for awhile and delay some of that fall fashion. Also, as I get larger, my wardrobe is getting smaller so instead I'm trying to finish out the summer with some fun accessories! Below are some things I'm loving right now and a few items that are still maternity comfort approved. And affordable!

Bright Colors and slides!! I'm actually a lot more of a neutral color gal but I'm still trying to get out of my comfort zone and incorporate some fun summer colors like red. I'm also all about comfort for my feet as my belly grows and these slides are the comfiest pair of sandals I own. I love that these are now in style and have become more of a fashion statement instead of just sportswear slides you can slip on after a workout. Also, we are on a tight budget getting ready for baby and after reading Total Money Makeover (more on that later) so don't let these brand items fool you!! My mom gave me the purse and I ordered these wonderful shoes for under $10 at (thank you Jenny and Camille for finding this wonderful place). Just keeping it real here! Purse from Cole Haan.

Turtleneck/sleeveless tops and a comfy heel. And a dirty mirror, oops. Anyways, I've always loved these tops as summer turns to fall because I feel like they're a mix of both seasons and can be very sleek and flattering (and luckily this one still fits me). Also, if you're still trying to rock heels while pregnant, go for something secure with a thick heel. Your balance is thrown off so don't chance a skinny, loosely strapped heel unless you're brave. Found these boots at and this website has shoes that replicate expensive designer pieces (like the Yeezy heel) for awesome prices. These shoes can also transition well into fall but they're light weight enough for summer heat. Again, with the neutral colors here.. I can't help it! Top from Forever21. Both items are older and may not be available.

Kimono's and chokers. Two of my most favorite trends!! The Kimono's are good for the warm weather and still fit a pregnant body. I also feel like with the right colors they can transition well into fall. Believe it or not, I found this one at the Motherhood store! Also, if you're a 90's kid, chokers are the best thing ever and I think they easily dress up any outfit. I can't remember where I found this choker but most likely it's from Forever21.

No matter what your style is I think it's always good to have affordable key pieces and I also love that I see a lot of women still dressing up while pregnant! There are fun ways to look cute no matter your size and you can still stay comfortable. Enjoy the last bit of summer wear while you can and I hope this post helps you come up with some fun looks of your own!

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